Carsharing is changing the way people get around. By offering people access to vehicles around the city, the ability to not own a private vehicle becomes easier.


As a carsharing operator, you have the ability to fulfill unmet consumer mobility demands. Depending on the market you are entering, you may feel a round-trip model will help suburbs adopt new mobility options, or you may feel a free floating model will supplement growing public transportation options. Regardless of the model you are launching, we are confident our technology will be a strong backbone to your success.

As illustrated in the diagram below, our technology can support any carsharing workflow from beginning to end. We offer reliable reliable hardware to manage vehicle communication, various access points for consumers including card-less access via an app, and our proven software logic will allow for a seamless user experience.



We would love to hear more about your carsharing project, and help you understand how our technology may be the most suitable for you. For more information about how we can help launch your carsharing project, please fill out the contact form below.

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