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Vehicle and Telematics Management API

The Vehicle And Telematics Management API allows to manage all your vehicles and telematics units.

Authenticate API calls

Learn how to authenticate api calls and get started!

Quick Start: Get list of vehicles

Follow instructions and get an access token.

In order to get a list of vehicles in your fleet make this call – be sure to insert your access token:

curl -X GET \ \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer <access_token>' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json'

This route offers cursor-based pagination. If needed use the limit parameter to narrow down the result list. In order to navigate through the results, use the cursors provided in the result object in subsequent calls, and omit the limit.

If the request has been successful, a JSON object ist returned along with HTTP status code 200.

Depending on the vehicle and the telematics unit installed the extent of information may vary.

Here’s an example how the response might look like:

  "items": [{
  "id": "ABCDE",
  "status": "CONNECTED_VEHICLE",
  "fleet_id": "ABCDE",
  "last_contact_at": "2020-10-08T10:29:00Z",
  "created_at": "2020-10-08T10:29:00Z",
  "modified_at": "2020-10-08T10:29:00Z",
  "master_data": {
    "vin": "4T1BF1FK4CU609641",
    "license_plate": "SI-IN-2020",
    "brand": "Toyota",
    "model": "Camry",
    "custom_name": "MyToyotaCamry",
    "fuel_type": "PETROL",
    "year_of_production": "2020",
    "gear_box": "MANUAL_SHIFT",
    "vehicle_type": "CAR",
    "remark": "string"
  "life_status": {
    "value": "ONLINE",
    "modified_at": "2020-10-08T10:29:00Z"
  "operation_status": {
    "modified_at": "2020-10-08T10:29:00Z",
    "value": "GARAGE"
  "attached_at": "2020-10-08T10:29:00Z",
  "capabilities": {
    "commands": [
    "vehicle_state": [
  "telematics_unit": {
    "id": "1B00001891DBC901",
    "brand": "NIU",
    "model": "NIU",
    "manufacturer": "INVERS",
    "fleet_id": "ABCDE",
    "created_at": "2020-10-08T10:29:00Z",
    "modified_at": "2020-10-08T10:29:00Z",
    "type": "RETROFIT"
  "latest_state": {}
"cursors": {
  "self": "eyJ2Ij...sIjozfX0=",
  "first": "eyJkIjp...eyJsIjozfX0=",
  "prev": "eyJ2Ijpb...OjN9fQ==",
  "next": "eyJ2IjpbI...IjozfX0=",
  "last": "eyJkIjp0c.7ImwiOjN9fQ=="