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All forms of micromobility (e-bikes, mopeds, and kick scooters) are growing in demand and will continue to play an integral role in the electrification of mobility in our cities. There is huge success and growth potential for micromobility sharing start-ups and already established sharing services who are looking to expand their offerings to include multi-modal options.

If you are looking to start or expand to an e-bike sharing service, you need to make sure that your fleet is always reliably connected and reachable. Additionally, you should choose a telematics and connectivity solution that gives you the flexibility to add various e-bike makes and models as you scale, without any hassle or lock-in effect, while still allowing you to offer the same user experience across your fleet.

By relying on the INVERS connectivity options, you future-proof your e-bike sharing service. You can choose between:

  • INVERS CloudBoxx MiniThe trusted telematics and connectivity solution specifically made for micromobility, with a reliability rating of over 99.9%.
  • INVERS OEM Integrations – The API aggregator that seamlessly connects any OEM and third-party telematics to the INVERS ecosystem and translates them into a generic API, without you worrying about integration efforts

Your connectivity benefits

backup battery and battery management

Always-on connectivity

Instant vehicle access regardless of cellular network coverage

INVERS OneAPI is easy to use


Open REST API facilitates further integration on top of our solution

accurate positioning of fleet vehicles

Accurate positioning

Sensor fusion enhances vehicle positioning and location accuracy

INVERS technology is reliable and secure

Secure transmission of data

All data communication is encrypted to industry standards

INVERS CloudConnect simplifies co-sharing of fleet assets

Enable mixed fleets/co-sharing of assets

Expand your fleet access by sharing it with others

Scale your sharing fleet with any vehicle you want

Vehicle agnostic

Choose any e-bike or other two- or four-wheel vehicle to connect

The INVERS sharing technology ecosystem

INVERS offers a modular ecosystem for your fleet connectivity and data management needs, as well as a strong partner network of sharing software technology providers.

connect vehicle with e-bike sharing technology


Make your vehicles sharing-ready with our reliable telematics solution or our OEM API aggregator. Integrate seamlessly into our modular ecosystem.

INVERS FleetControl fleet management solution

Fleet data management

Get detailed insights and real-time fleet updates using FleetControl, including data such as vehicle events, heartbeats, ignition status, fuel levels, and much more.

choose the best booking software with INVERS

Sharing software
& user app

Manage your users and automate daily business via the backend sharing software and booking app. Consult with us to build your own, or buy from our integration partners.

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