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Department: Software Development
Contact Person: Paulina Mülder

Job Description

First of all: Here we would like to introduce you to the different options you will find as a developer at INVERS. If you are interested in our tech stack, just send us a short email (whether it's questions, the desire for a phone exchange or your application) to and we'll get back to you!
What has driven us for over 25 years is our passion for providing technical solutions for sustainable mobility. These solutions consist of various products, on which more than 50 of our 150 employees are programming every day.
These colleagues are distributed across our offices in Cologne and Siegen (Netphen), as well as up to 4 days per week working from home.
We are regularly looking for reinforcements in our teams and are open to different levels of experience. No matter how profound your knowledge is, together we will see what we can offer you. Let us know what you bring to the table and what you are interested in. First of all we introduce ourselves to you:

App Development Android & iOS Team

"Our product is SmartControl for configuring a CloudBoxx for a specific vehicle on site. That's where we're putting our energy right now. We are working closely with our product manager Christoph. Developing mainly with Swift or SwiftUI for iOS and Kotlin with Jetpack Compose for the Android version. Currently we are the smallest team, so we would be happy if you would like to support us in app development. We value independent work, but we also often work together on a solution in pair programming. Clean and readable code is important to us, which is ideally also well documented. Our tasks are varied and we are always looking for the best way to help our users complete their tasks."

CloudBoxx Firmware Team
"In the CloudBoxx firmware team you can expect a diversified field of work. First and foremost, you can apply your programming skills in C and experience with microcontroller-based embedded systems. Here you will dive into the IoT world and come into contact with exciting technologies such as mobile communications, Bluetooth Low Energy, GNSS and much more.
In addition, there are other areas in which your experience and strengths are in demand. For example, you can work closely with various teams in software development, project management and product management on the further development and technical conceptual design of CloudBoxx and its interfaces.
The CloudBoxx hardware is developed, tested and produced in-house. This involves close collaboration with the hardware development and supply chain teams. Here, too, you can optimally contribute experience in the hardware area and electrical engineering."

CloudBoxx Middleware Team

"The work with us in the CloudBoxx Server Team is very versatile. Our main task is the continuous development of the CloudBoxx (REST) API. This includes server-side communication with the CloudBoxx telematics units to enable our customers to share operations with the CloudBoxx. In doing so, we accompany the CloudBoxxes from production to deployment at the customer's site.
With the OneAPI, many exciting new tasks have been added. In order to connect the CloudBoxx API with the OneAPI, there are many new microservices that we get to design and implement. Exciting topics include provisioning and deployment (CI/CD) of these services and their networking and communication with each other.
Our applications are primarily developed in Node.js and TypeScript. Other technologies we use include Apache Kafka, Redis, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, and Kubernetes. Although our work is essentially in backend development, we don't miss out on frontend development either. For the provision of our user interface, we rely on Angular.
On the one hand, we ensure a smooth operation of the CloudBoxx, on the other hand, we are constantly developing new features. We determine how the features are implemented and coordinate within the team and beyond using appropriate tools such as Jira, Confluence, Miro and GitLab as a DevOps platform.
We don't design features, code, documentation, etc. on our own - our planning and development processes are accompanied by tests of all kinds, reviews and pair programming."

Core Modules & API Team

"In the Core Modules team, as the name suggests, fundamental services are developed and deployed. These form the central functions for the OneAPI, which can be accessed by services from other teams. But libraries are also made available for cross-team use. To do this, we coordinate with the other teams.
This involves issues such as access, user and rights management, asynchronous message distribution, and fleet and operator management.
The technologies we use include .NET Core, PostgreSQL, Angular, OAuth2, Kafka, and RabbitMQ, among others. We also place a lot of emphasis on contract first, clean code, and architecture to ensure that our code remains understandable to both old and new colleagues. If it's important to you to be involved in conceptual decisions and API design, and your standards for your own code are high, then you've come to the right place.
No matter if you are interested in DevOps, backend or frontend development, with us you can realize your potential as a full-stack developer
 or even develop yourself in a specific direction.
In our team there is an open and cheerful atmosphere. We regularly have breakfast together and meet for a weekly coffee date, we are happy about every new team member."

FleetControl Insights Team

"The Insights team provides our customers with interesting data analyses and visualizations based on their fleet data and delivered in the FleetControl and OneAPI products. The focus in our team is therefore on the reliable and performant processing of time series data, the creation of analyses as well as the visualization of data. For this we use Spark, Python, Node.js, MongoDB and InfluxDB on the backend. On the frontend, we use Angular and d3.js.

Our team members have their task focus according to their background and interests in frontend, backend, data science or operations. Our tasks are defined together with the product management or also defined by us alone if it is a technical need.
It is important to us that the interpersonal relationship in the team fits and that we expand our skills and knowledge together. We attach great importance to independence when working on tasks and learning new technologies and skills."

Third-Party Telematics Team

"To understand our area, you probably first need to know what third-party telematics even are. Let's start with telematics units in general: As you may have already read, with our hardware product - the CloudBoxx - we have our own telematics unit that is installed in vehicles to make them "sharing-ready". This enables our customers like ShareNow or TIER to send commands to these vehicles via our OneAPI or to receive data from vehicles asynchronously.
So where does the "third party" come from? Quite simply, some vehicle manufacturers have their own telematics units and install them in the vehicle during production. To ensure that such vehicles are also sharing-ready and can be addressed uniformly via our OneAPI, we connect various third-party solutions to our platform in this team. This can involve working down to the protocol level, but there is no shortage of challenges.

We develop primarily in C# with .NET 6, use MongoDB, Redis, Kafka, Docker and much more. We also put a lot of emphasis on high quality work, do code reviews, and have automated unit and integration tests."

Vehicles & Telematics Management

"Welcome to the center of truth about vehicles of OneAPI. We know the current state of all vehicles and enable their digital management and use. For this we develop a frontend with Angular and Typescript as well as the necessary REST APIs with C# and Net Core.
We develop our solutions with Rider, Docker and store our data document-based in a MongoDB. Asynchronous interfaces via Kafka round out our technology stack."


Tech Stack

.NET Core, Angular, Node.js, SignalR

Programming languages

C#, Kotlin, Swift, TypeScript, JavaScript, Python

Data Management

InfluxDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, Kafka


Gitlab, Bamboo, Docker, Elastic Stack, Grafana, Kubernetes, Prometheus


JIRA, Confluence, Gitlab Pages, Slack


What do I do if I'm pretty good at one programming language but would like to develop in another direction?

Reach out to us and give us that exact feedback. Together we can see if we can offer this development opportunity for you and what exactly the path will look like.

I have to be available spontaneously for personal reasons (children / fire department / house construction / ...), can you offer me this flexibility?

Yes, we are happy to offer it. We all have our private as well as our professional environment and know exactly these issues very well. To us, a great trust among each other is worth its weight in gold. That's why you just let us know that you're not available or that you're leaving early and you're ready to go.

What is your position on working from home?

Some of us like to work best at home, others at the office. That's why we try to do justice to both. How do we do that? It's not easy for us either, but we think it's fair that each team decides for itself how many presence days there should be per week. Everyone then sticks to the attendance days and orders pizza together at lunchtime (or something!). And beyond the agreed attendance days, you decide for yourself what works best for you.

How does it work with the Cologne and Siegen locations?

We were founded in the Siegerland region and have been headquartered there ever since, in Netphen - Dreis-Tiefenbach to be precise. This is where you will find most of our colleagues. In Cologne, however, we have also had a really great office for several years. Therefore you can choose in which office you prefer to work. The days of attendance that we talked about a question ago, however, usually apply to the Siegen office. Therefore it would be nice if you would be willing to come to Siegen 1-2 days a week. We will of course cover the costs for this.

How does the application process work?

You approach us in any way: Use the application form below or the contact details from the first paragraph and let us know what you have in mind, where you can and would like to contribute or what questions you have. Then someone from our HR team, will get back to you directly in coordination with the appropriate team lead. Together we will start a friendly interview and answer the questions you bring with you.

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