Quarterly Global Moped Sharing Market Status Update: Q3 2022

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22-Q3 Global Moped Sharing Update

Moped sharing is constantly evolving. Therefore, our aim is to stay up to date on the latest moped sharing news globally. Every quarter, we publish the most noteworthy updates from the moped sharing space and what they mean for the industry.

Here are some selected news and updates from Q3 2022:



  • Bari awarded moped licenses to four operators: 375 mopeds that are scheduled to launch this autumn.
  • Bordeaux awarded two operator licenses to YEGO and a new startup called eDOG. 250 mopeds each.
  • Support for Paris moped sharing services: “Riders of gasoline-fueled motorcycles will have to start paying for parking in Paris from September as the French capital aims to reduce noise and pollution, but parking for electric motorcycles remains free”, as Reuters stated. More details also here. This will surely support registration and ridership numbers of local moped sharing operators Cooltra, Cityscoot, YEGO, and Troopy.
  • Also Paris: The city is piloting noise radars for a while to reduce noise pollution from loud combustion-engine two-wheelers.
  • Riders of bikes, scooters, mopeds and motorcycles in Turkey are obliged to wear reflective jackets at night.




Select new city activities:

  • Bolivia:
    • Santa Cruz (Mobi)
    • Tarija (Mobi)
    • Cochabamba (Mobi)
  • France:
    • Bordeaux (eDOG, starting soon due to tender win)
    • Toulouse (YEGO)
  • Italy:
    • Bari (Smart Venture, starting soon due to tender win)
    • Bari (BitMobility, starting soon due to tender win)
    • Bari (Reby, starting soon due to tender win)
    • Bari (Pikyrent, starting soon due to tender win)
    • Cosenza (e-Motion)
    • Rome (OnMovo Ecoline)
    • Torino (Cityscoot)
  • Mexico:
    • Guadalajara (Skut, previous launch)
    • Monterrey (Skut, previous launch)
  • Netherlands:
    • multiple launches e.g. in Delft, Hilversum and other cities
  • Taiwan:
    • Taichung (GoShare)
  • Taiwan:
    • Kaohsiung (ATR, about to launch)
  • Uruguay:
    • Asunción (Mobi)

We’d like to keep you updated on what is happening in the global moped sharing market. Thanks to everybody that sent in news from the sector. The next quarterly update will be released in January 2023; subscribe to our news updates to stay in the loop.

Enrico Howe
Enrico Howe

Enrico is working at INVERS as a market researcher for different new mobility markets. He is the lead author of the annual Global Moped Sharing Market Report and runs mopedsharing.com