Make mobility shareable

Do you have a new idea on how people can move around a city? In many cities around the globe, people are beginning to shift away from personal vehicles to a shared form of mobility, whether that be carsharing, scooter sharing, or a new service that hasn’t entered the market yet.

In order to bring your mobility idea onto city roads, you need technology that will enable you to communicate with the vehicle. The INVERS CloudBoxx and open API platform is your key to vehicle control and communication.

What is a CloudBoxx?

The CloudBoxx is a piece of hardware that gets installed into each vehicle in your fleet. It enables two-way communication between your app and the vehicle, allowing you to create your new mobility solution. The CloudBoxx gets wired into vehicles to provide optimal vehicle control and management.

From vehicle door locking and engine immobilization to odometer and GPS tracking, the CloudBoxx will make sure your service runs smoothly, your cars stay secure, and your users enjoy a seamless experience.




  • Open API – Build the software of your dreams with our API integration. Our hardware enables you to control the vehicle as needed, giving you endless possibilities
  • Certified and tested hardware – With over 20 years of experience developing hardware, the CloudBoxx is reliably built to last for many years and endure extreme weather conditions
  • Vehicle agnostic – The CloudBoxx is compatible with all vehicle types, from combustion engines to electric vehicles, and even scooters!

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