We are happy to release our newest version of CocoSoft which will be rolled out in the coming months. In version 2.28 you will experience a large number of improvements, including faster page loading, simpler administrative processes, and added features to better manage your fleet.

Your existing processes may be improved with the updates as explained below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at ims-support@invers.com.


Support Team



To better manage applications from new users, the registration page (Customer > Registrations) is now more user-friendly. The addition of the column “State” allows admins to view the status of the registration. For example, users who just entered the system will have their status as “New”. Once the admin converts their registration, the user status will say “Converted”. This avoids any confusion and duplicate effort on managing registrations.

If the CocoSoft registration form is used, the creation of Customer Account and Customer Group names can be automated. Under “Administration > Provider Settings”, admins can define the pattern they want Customer Accounts and Groups to be called to keeping the naming convention consistent across the motor pool. For example, Customer Groups can all be named based as [Last Name]_[Personnel Number].


Smartcard Assignment

The process of assigning smartcards to customers has also been simplified. Depending on the type of card you are issuing, you now have four options:

  • New Smartcard: smartcard information is not yet in the system and needs to be entered. Applicable to INVERS or third-party access cards
  • Fishing Smartcard: a third-party access card is not yet in the system. User will need an assigned PIN so the third-party access card can be assigned to the account
  • Existing Smartcard: INVERS smartcard or virtual smartcard is used and is already in the system
  • No Smartcard: access to vehicles will be card-less and enabled through the app


Streamlined Accounting

Instead of going through multiple steps to create a billing account for a customer, admins can now select the accounting type in one step on the “Accounting mode” page. New options:

  • Single accounting: customer will be individually billed
  • New shared accounting: customer will be added to a shared accounting group that has not yet been created
  • Add to existing shared accounting: customer will be added to an existing shared accounting group. Can set access options (eg: viewing invoices for the group)
  • New shared accounting with existing customer: customer will be added to another individual customer’s account for billing purposes


Class Booking Algorithm Ranking

In previous versions, vehicles could be assigned based on manual ranking or average mileage ranking within a vehicle class. As of 2.28, an additional way to determine which vehicles get reserved in a class of vehicles is by the average trip duration. This allows utilization optimization within vehicle classes without InCar Technology.

For example, admins can now spread vehicle usage out based on how long each trip is, on average, within a specific time frame. This provides fleets an additional way to manage mileage placed on vehicles.


Credit Card Notification

This new feature provides transparency on customers who have a credit card on file. New notes have been added so the admin can see whether a credit card has been added, replaced, or removed. Also, the user will see an alert on the main page of CocoSoft if they need to add a credit card before making a reservation.


Tagging Customer Groups

In order to help organizations scale up their use of motor pools, version 2.28 features additional ways to organize customer groups through tagging. By tagging a customer group, admins can easily search for groups based on departments, projects, and more.


Retransmitting Reservations

In the past, if the device had a temporary disconnection with the server or if a device was replaced, any existing reservations had to be manually retransmitted. As of 2.28 reservation tasks can be retransmitted easily with the click of one button.


Other Improvements

  • Billing available in multiple languages
  • Additional events for electric vehicles
  • On the All Reservations page, reservations can be now be searched just by reservation number without adjusting the date.
  • Vehicles assigned to an existing location cannot be deactivated if it has future bookings made
  • Virtual card swipes can be sent to vehicles up to 60 minutes after a reservation. Under “Tasks”, events also show if a VCS was sent to unlock or lock the door


If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact us at  ims-support@invers.com. We look forward to continuously improving our technology products and services.

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