At INVERS, our development and support teams are constantly evaluating our existing products and figuring out how we can make it better. From minor changes that improve user experience to feature additions that make fleet management easier, we are excited when we have a new software version to share.

Beginning next week, we will be releasing CocoSoft 29.0 to our customers. What continues to be great about our software is that regardless of the industry you are in or which business model you are running– corporate carsharing, government, free floating carsharing, our turnkey solution supports you with these new features.


software update improvements


Editing Trip Details

There may be times when you need to manually change the start and end time of a trip, or the driven distance. If a car gets towed during a rental, for example, you can now change the trip end time to accurately reflect when the vehicle was actually being used. This avoids overcharging and crediting the member later, and would also provide cleaner data when building exports and reports.


gps geo-fencing

Editing GPS Details

Similar to the previous example, there may be times when the GPS signal gets lost, or the recorded position deviates from the actual vehicle position. We added a new feature that allows you to manually override the GPS position, which is helpful if you know the actual location of the vehicle. This way, your members can have a better idea of where to find the vehicle.


Reservation Board Filters

If your drivers are accustomed to using the Reservation Board, they will see a new filter that will allow them to search only for vehicle categories they are interested in. If a driver needs to move office equipment, she can filter for “Vans” and avoid having to scroll through “Compact Cars” or “SUVs” which may not meet her needs.easy registration process


Faster Registration Process

When a new user signs up, the fleet administrator will get a real-time notification. Now instead of having to check the “Registrations” tab, the fleet administrator can confirm the new user in a timelier manner, allowing the user to drive right away if desired.


Setting Geo-Fenced Locations

Your cars need to be where the drivers are, so if that means placing cars in different parking lots, that is now easily done with the ability to create multiple operating areas. You can now create various geo-fenced locations via the geojson editor in CocoSoft instead of having to upload a kml file.


electric car charging

Electric Vehicle Range

More and more electric vehicles are being added to fleets, which is great for the environment. However, one barrier to using them is that drivers sometimes do not know how far a charge will get them. As a result, we added a new feature that allows you to add the range of a vehicle when fully charged, which gives drivers a better idea on whether the electric vehicle will meet their needs.


Template Editor

Building a seamless user experience is what we want to support you with, and now you can customize the email notifications your drivers receive at your fingertips. By going to the “Administration” tab, you can edit and customize defaults to what would be best understood by your drivers.



For more information about these updates and to learn how to use them, just visit the “manual” link in your user settings (upper right corner) for comprehensive information.

We will roll out 29.0, starting in April, and will reach out to you prior to your update. If you have any further questions, please contact us at (North America) or (outside of North America).

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