Ready For More

ekar launched with 35 cars in Abu Dhabi in 2016, and has since grown internationally. Today, with over 500 cars, they are Middle East’s largest shared mobility operator that provides flexible mobility solutions to private users and corporate customers alike. Over the course of 2018, ekar will reach over 1,500 cars throughout the Gulf.

CEO Vilhelm Herdberg’s goals are ambitious: his vision is to help mobilize the masses and for carsharing users to outnumber private car owners in the Gulf region by 2025. For that, they see INVERS as their perfect partners: “The leadership team at ekar strongly believes that INVERS is a reliable partner who will support ekar’s growth. Our symbiotic business relationship is a winning model to help us scale up. INVERS is always there. The ekar tech team can rest easy knowing that  INVERS is always there to support.”