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Life at INVERS

We’re building the future of shared mobility. Join us!

INVERS as an employer:

What we offer

career perks for jobs at invers
Use of the vehicle pool
State-of-the-art IT
Development opportunities
Ergonomic workstations
Flexible working hours
No dress code
Your preferred smartphone
Fresh fruits everyday
Free drinks
Flat hierarchies
Exciting team events

Because you are not you when you are hangry.

We give you a subsidy for every lunch at our in-house canteen.

Use of the vehicle pool

With our own vehicle pool, equipped with the most modern e-vehicles, you are always flexible – professionally and privately.

State-of-the-art IT

To enable you to optimize your skills, we have modern technical equipment with a choice between Windows and Mac laptops.

Development opportunities

From day one you receive extensive onboarding and mentoring. We also offer continuous professional and personal development through conferences, workshops and trainings.

Ergonomic workstations

Your personal well-being is ensured by ergonomic workstations with height-adjustable desks.

Flexible working hours
and location-independent working.

Whether you’re an early riser or late riser, you can arrange your working hours flexibly thanks to trusted working hours. In addition, you can work from home after consultation with your team.

No dress code
and free INVERS teamwear.

We love individuality, so there is no dress code. Come to work in whatever you feel comfortable in.
You also get INVERS teamwear (t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, jackets and many more) with a wide variety of cool branded designs.

Your preferred smartphone
for company and private use.

You can get the smartphone of your choice for company and private use. By the way, “private” really means private. Nobody expects constant availability from you.

Fresh fruits everyday
to make sure you are getting in your vitamins.

To help you stay healthy, there is fresh fruits available every day.

Free drinks

You can help yourself to the various cold and hot beverage assortment at our offices at any time.

Flat hierarchies
and many opportunities to make an impact.

You will find flat hierarchies, short decision-making processes and room for your own innovative ideas.

Exciting team events
because we work hard and play harder. We get together outside of work for regular team events, summer parties, Christmas parties and any other occasion we can think of.

What we stand for

At INVERS, our people are our assets. Our company culture is unique and strong, because of the values we all share, the goals we aim for, and the shared future we envision together.

  • Company Value Integrity

    We play by the rules. We are honest, transparent, and dedicated to our customers, partners, and employees.

  • Company Value Enthusiasm

    We are passionate about what we do – enabling the future of mobility with our technology. We are excited to continue striving for further excellence.

  • Company Value Trust

    We trust each other. Our relationships are based on mutual respect. We are aware that a high level of responsibility arises from the trust placed in us.

  • Company Value Responsibility

    We appreciate different skill sets and opinions. Everyone is important to us. Everyone contributes to the common interest, everyone co-creates, everyone is jointly responsible.

  • Company Value Boldness

    We have ambitious goals. We want to make shared mobility even better and more accessible. We take calculated risks and innovate constantly.

  • Company Value Progress

    We strive to develop ourselves constantly. We believe that business development and individual progress are inseparably linked.

Our offices

INVERS Siegen Netphen Office 4
INVERS Siegen Netphen Office 1
INVERS Siegen Netphen Office 2
INVERS Siegen Netphen Office 3
INVERS Siegen Netphen Office 5
INVERS Siegen Netphen Office 6
INVERS Siegen Netphen Office 7

Our newly renovated Netphen (Siegen) office in Germany is our headquarters.

This is our largest office and represents all departments within INVERS. All our technology is developed and manufactured in-house here.

With forests and hills surrounding the office, this location is great for bike enthusiasts and nature lovers as well.

Our people

The team here is full of joy and fun, even on hectic days, and that is why I love working at INVERS. I never felt so at-home with a company this fast.

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Stefanie Jung
Order Management
INVERS Team Stefanie

I really value the team spirit at INVERS. Everyone is passionate about constantly improving and everyone treats each other as equals.

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Sarah Helduser
INVERS Team Sarah

At INVERS, everyone can express their opinion and be respected and listened to. I’m grateful for its open culture, as it has allowed me to explore different opportunities over the past years.

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Simon Meurer
Software Development
simon meurer software development invers

I value that INVERS cares about its employees and tries to make a comfortable and relaxed work environment, stress-free workload and flexible working hours. The employees at INVERS are all friendly and try to look after and care for each other.

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Rhys Scott
Supply Chain
INVERS Team Rhys
INVERS Cologne Köln Office 6
INVERS Cologne Köln Office 1
INVERS Cologne Köln Office 2
INVERS Cologne Köln Office 3
INVERS Cologne Köln Office 4
INVERS Cologne Köln Office 5
INVERS Cologne Köln Office 7

Opened in 2015, our modern Cologne office is located at the heart of the city center. Making it an ideal location for those who love the big city life, with plenty of dining options and great public transport access.

Whether you are in sales, marketing or engineering, the Cologne office is a cross-functional and collaborative space to work in.

Our people

Since joining INVERS, I have always felt appreciated for my work. My colleagues have helped me find my way around the office more than once and have always been available for a quick chat and made sure I was involved.

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Julian Simon
Working Student / Technical Writer
INVERS Team Julian

I was intrigued by INVERS because I strongly believe we need to re-invent our notions of mobility now and that’s what the company is involved in. Great to be part of an agile, cooperative, international team working on the future of mobility!

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Stephanie Altemöller
International PR

I enjoy the opportunity to have conversations about the latest mobility trends with my colleagues, who are all encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas. I felt comfortable at INVERS right from day one and am glad we have good relationships with each other.

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Robert Kersten
INVERS Team Robert

At INVERS I value the fact that the company has an open ear for new ideas and encourages their employees to continuously enhance their skills.

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Leonard Mombauer
Project Management & Support
leonard mombauer cloudboxx support invers
INVERS Office Vancouver Canada 5
INVERS Office Vancouver Canada 6
INVERS Office Vancouver Canada 4
INVERS Office Vancouver Canada 3
INVERS Office Vancouver Canada 1

The Vancouver office opened in 2002 to expand INVERS to North America.

The team in Vancouver manages projects and supports customers on a day-to-day basis.

Situated a few minutes away from a transit hub and protected bike paths, employees can get to work easily and conveniently.

Our people

Every day I am impressed by the support towards co-workers and new colleagues, as well as the open communication and motivation of everyone working at INVERS. This made me feel at home almost immediately.

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Klaus Rathe
Team Lead, Projects and Support
INVERS Team Klaus

At INVERS, I enjoy the camaraderie between peers and openness to accept out-of-the-box ideas. Despite being around for over 25 years and over 130 employees, INVERS still feels like a cozy, well-run start-up.

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Nico Marchant
Business Development / Sales
INVERS Team Nico

At INVERS, we all share a common goal of making sure our customers are happy with our technology, and we’ll always help each other out to achieve that goal.

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Kelly Donnelly
Projects and Support
INVERS Team Kelly

All our offices are filled with welcoming, caring, passionate individuals. There is a level of energy that I can only describe as a strong desire to make our products the best for the mobility space.

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Amanda Lam
INVERS Team Amanda

Even within the first few months at INVERS, I already felt comfortable and in a familiar atmosphere. There is a strong sense of teamwork and trust and I appreciate the open-door policy we have.

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Janina Beyer
Accounting and Operations
INVERS Team Janina

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