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Monitor and understand your users’ behavior with Driving Analysis

Live vehicle monitoring using in-depth sensor data

Real-time vehicle insights

Unleash the power of the new Driving Analysis feature to make your fleet operations more sustainable, safe and efficient. Gain deep insights into the use of your vehicles and give drivers feedback on their driving style. All data is easily and clearly visualized in the INVERS FleetControl dashboard.

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Benefits at a glance

INVERS CloudConnect is a cost efficient sharing solution

Reduce operational costs with longer vehicle lifecycles by monitoring vehicle handling

24/7 monitoring

Present clear incident data about trips to local authorities with minimal administrative effort

Live updates on driving and parking events including speeding, hard braking, fast cornering, and crash events

Reward environmentally and vehicle-friendly driving styles such as gentle braking and smooth acceleration

fast and easy sharing solutions cloudconnect saves time

Monitor all critical vehicle movements in a time-saving and simple way thanks to proactive alarms

Keep vehicles attractive and damage-free by encouraging good driving behavior

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Detect unwanted driving behavior

The Driving Analysis feature allows you to monitor all vehicle movements in detail. This allows the operator to quickly and easily identify unwanted driving behavior such as fast cornering, heavy acceleration and hard braking. Events can also be triggered when a car is bumped while parked, a kick scooter falls, or when unauthorized movements (theft) are detected.


Identify speeding

In combination with 3rd party data, the driving analysis feature can also detect speeding. The GNSS based route of the vehicle is compared with the local speed limit and if the speed limit is exceeded, driving analysis logs the speeding violation. An operator can also choose to set the threshold that would log a speeding violation.

Find and share insights on trips and incidents

The movements of a vehicle between two locations are logged as trips, where all recorded events and incidents can be found quickly and easily. Each individual trip can be forwarded to colleagues or other departments via a direct link to quickly share insights and issues.

Visualization of Trips feature map view

Discover Usage Patterns

With  Trip Viewer, you can easily identify vehicle usage patterns across your entire fleet. Various visualizations in map and table view help you discover regions, time periods or vehicle models with particularly high numbers of driving incidents. All the driving data and metrics we display in our UI can also be accessed via API. Find out more about our Trips feature.

Understand how it works

Thumbnail Driving Analysis Events for parked vehicles
Analysis of acceleration events for parked vehicles
Thumbnail Driving Analysis Events for vehicles in motion
Analysis of vehicles in motion

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