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Ensure a seamless customer experience by building your operations on a powerful tech stack engineered for carsharing

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peace of mind in station based carsharing

Get peace of mind
Know that your rental process is taken care of with reliable handovers and a vehicle-agnostic solution for the ideal sharing system.

customer experience in station based carsharing

Smooth customer experience
Achieve a polished rental experience with fast and easy access to cars, anywhere, at any time using optimized cellular connectivity and Bluetooth.

automize station based carsharing

Automate operational processes
Optimize your operations and minimize fleet management efforts with accurate, real-time data.

scale in station based carsharing

Telematics designed for scaling
Build or choose your own software, integrate our tech stack, and add any car to your fleet to scale your business.

Station-Based Carsharing scale reliable connectivity Illustration

Don’t let technology fail you

When technology fails, you usually only have two options. Design your rental processes around the technology’s faults or spend financial and personnel resources on fixing the issue. With our next generation rental solutions, you won’t encounter this issue. We have your back with tried and tested technology engineered for top reliability. We provide you with peace of mind, so you can focus on things that matter like automating your processes and driving profitability.

Station-Based Carsharing loyal customers Illustration

Create loyal customers with a smooth sharing experience

As a carsharing operator, your goal is to provide your customers with a seamless and efficient experience. Spending too much time searching for vehicles, waiting for doors to unlock, or for trip end confirmations can lead to frustration. The INVERS CloudBoxx provides precise geolocation, swift trip starts, and dependable trip ends, ensuring a hassle-free and satisfying experience. Once your customers get used to this technology, there is no going back.

Station-Based Carsharing scale witrh different models Illustration

Scale confidently with over 800 supported vehicle models

You’re ready to expand and grow your operations, but your telematics solution is holding you back? Our powerful tech stack is vehicle- and software-agnostic, so you can seamlessly manage a mixed fleet with the software of your choice. Each week, we add new cars to our list of supported vehicles. Expand your fleet and infleet new vehicles quickly and reliably with our SmartControl App. Our technology manages the complexity and challenges, so you can scale with ease.

Station-Based Carsharing we have your back Illustration

Focus on your business, let us take care of the technology

INVERS solutions act as your hero behind-the-scenes: They get the job done reliably. Our dependable installations, seamless data collection, and always-on connectivity free you from spending time resolving operational issues. With this newfound time, you can shift your focus towards opportunities for improvement and diversification. Rest easy, knowing your operations are running optimally and let our telematics unit do the heavy lifting for you.


why invers trusted worldwide

A trusted solution for 150,000+ sharing vehicles

150,000 carsharing vehicles across 350 mobility projects in 50 countries use our systems – and we are just getting started. Our solutions are powerful, effective and can be customized to cover your specific needs. They just work.

Company Value Boldness

Work with the industry’s most reliable telematics solution

Have peace of mind with solutions designed to work in any given situation. Don’t leave your customers waiting and avoid the rental that never happened. Prevent unexpected service outages with reliable telematics solutions.

why invers over 30 years of experience

Benefit from decades of experience

Over 30 years ago, we automated the first station-based carsharing. Since then, we have enabled operators all over the world to start, grow, and refine their carsharing businesses. We not only provide the industry-leading tech stack, but are also happy to share what we have learned over the years.

why invers solutions

Solutions shaped by carsharing

Use solutions specifically designed for your operations. Grow your business with systems crafted from insights through scaling numerous carsharing operations.

It’s important for us to offer both station-based and free floating carsharing on the same app to allow our users to choose which of the two services is best suited to their needs. Thanks to the tools provided by INVERS, managing our fleet is easy to master.

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Jean-Baptise Schmider, CEO
Réseau Citiz
citiz carsharing mobile

The INVERS telematics enabled us to take our business to the next level, helping us grow to 30+ vans within the first 3 months. The CloudBoxx enabled streamlined data-based operation processes for vehicle service and maintenance. Additionally, analysing the extensive data sets allowed us to maximise revenue by optimising vehicle locations based on customer needs and behaviour.

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Ing. Matthias Pajek, CEO
Transporter sharing with 123-Transporter

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