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As a sharing operator, it’s crucial for you to accommodate your customers’ diverse vehicle preferences. Our next generation sharing solutions are designed to give you that flexibility – and more. The INVERS CloudBoxx is vehicle-agnostic and features streamlined installation and configuration procedures, so you can add any vehicle to your fleet with ease. Additionally, connect cars with pre-installed telematics to your fleet seamlessly with INVERS OEM Integrations. Our platform provides a common interface for both solutions, so you can scale effortlessly and match your cars to your customers’ needs.

Add any car to your fleet

You need different cars to meet the unique challenges of each location and customer segment, but other telematics solutions have limited compatibility. We designed the CloudBoxx to receive data from and execute remote commands on any car. Our experts have analyzed over 800 vehicle models to ensure your operations run smoothly, and we add to that list each week. For over 30 years, we have made every vehicle work for our customers – from luxury sports cars to golf carts. You will never be limited in your choice of car with our vehicle-agnostic CloudBoxx. See for yourself:

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INVERS supports more than 800 vehicle models out of the box.

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Connect any vehicle and streamline your vehicle installations in carsharing

Streamline installations to accelerate growth

Installing telematics units can require expert technicians and take a long time. We designed our solutions to minimize the time between purchase and first rental. INVERS CloudBoxx supports both CAN and OBD installations, and it also comes with our SmartControl app that contains well-documented installation instructions and step-by-step configuration workflows. We have simplified the in-fleeting process to facilitate rapid and smooth growth with your cars of choice. For fast scaling, our trusted installation partner network is available to help you expand.

connect any vehicle and run a hardware-free carsharing business

Go hardware-free without disruptions

Many cars come with pre-installed telematics hardware that can collect key vehicle data, making them well-suited for operations with high vehicle turnover. However, it’s time-consuming and expensive to integrate and maintain the APIs of each car manufacturer. INVERS OEM Integrations aggregates, cleans, standardizes the data and manages the connections for you. Go hardware-free and let us maintain and update all your data streams so that your developers can focus on more important tasks.

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INVERS offers two different ways to connect your vehicles to our platform – our industry-leading CloudBoxx telematics unit and our OEM API aggregator. For installations and configurations, our SmartControl app supports you to efficiently streamline fleet growth.

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INVERS CloudBoxx is the market-leading telematics solution powering hundreds of thousands of shared vehicles in over 60 countries. This vehicle-agnostic connectivity solution is the trusted backbone of the carsharing industry with a reliability rating of over 99.9% and full flexibility for your service. Futureproof your business with this robust, modular telematics that can be adapted to fit your needs at any time.

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OEM Integrations

INVERS OEM Integrations lets you add cars with pre-installed telematics from different manufacturers to your fleet. Simply connect to the INVERS API and benefit from well-maintained integrations with various manufacturer APIs that enable you to receive real-time vehicle data and execute commandss without retrofit telematics.

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Our complementary SmartControl app for iOS and Android contains all the tools you need to get your fleet connected to our platform. Access installation instructions for over 800 vehicle models, perform simple step-by-step configurations and testing, and add vehicles to your fleet in bulk for efficient scaling.

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