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Share vehicles with other mobility providers with one line of code. Increase your supply and revenue instantly.

One interface for real-time exchange of vehicle supply

With INVERS FleetShare you can share vehicles with other mobility providers and generate revenue during your low demand times. Conversely, you can also add vehicles to your fleet from other providers during high demand times. FleetShare allows you to dynamically modify your fleet to increase revenue, improve user experience, and reduce the environmental burden on the city. FleetShare handles the complexity, so you don’t have to.

Benefits at a glance

scale your business fast with CloudConnect

Higher vehicle utilization & revenue
are generated when vehicles are shared among mobility providers

Flexible supply of vehicles
whenever you need them without the responsibilities that come with owning them

insights to operational fleet data

New users & more bookings
are realized when the supply of vehicles increases during peak hours at high-demand locations

Better user experience & retention
by allowing your users to find and access vehicles from other operators in your app when they need them

INVERS provides source code modules for booking software

Saving developer resources
by integrating the INVERS OneAPI for access to all operators using INVERS technology instead of connecting to many different B2B APIs from various operators

Differentiate your offering
in medium and long-term rental cases (such as car subscription) by allowing your users to share their vehicles during times when they don’t need them.

Generate more revenue

With INVERS FleetShare you can earn money during those time periods when your vehicles would normally sit idle. Partner with a mobility provider who has higher vehicle demand during your idle times and offer your vehicles to their users. Both parties benefit from increased revenue potential because the vehicle supply increases on the platform where demand is higher.

Differentiate and improve your user experience

Integrating INVERS FleetShare allows mobility operators to seamlessly add vehicles to their platform and app. The user can unlock the vehicle and start the car in the app they always use – no deep links required. With INVERS FleetShare mobility operators can also enable their subscribers to earn revenue by offering their subscription vehicle on other platforms when they don’t need them – when they are on vacation, for example.

Save developer resources

Connect to the OneAPI and interact with vehicles shared by other operators the same way you would with your own vehicles. Use the same workflow to offer a keyless sharing experience to your users and receive vehicle data through your existing API integration. Operators sharing vehicles just need one line of code to make their vehicles available to others.

Make cities and citizens happy with less vehicles

INVERS FleetShare enables operators to use their vehicles more efficiently. Instead of each operator adding more cars to the streets to cover peak demand times, idle vehicles from other operators can be utilized instead. This means less vehicles will be needed to meet the mobility needs of the city, leading to a higher quality of life.

You want to connect your fleet to the INVERS platform?

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