INVERS Fleet Guard

Combat theft and misuse to protect your fleet

INVERS Fleet Guard scans your entire fleet for suspicious incidents in real-time and sends you warnings for theft, tampering, and towing, so you can act quickly.

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  • Monitor your Fleet with INVERS Fleet Guard

    Make informed decisions with live alerts and rich contextual data. Immediately see all critical information and tailor your response from there to effectively intercept thefts and joyrides.

Monitor your Fleet with INVERS Fleet Guard

Efficiently manage theft and towing

identify car theft with invers fleet guard

Empower your response to theft

When it comes to vehicle thefts, time is of the essence. Instant notifications for stolen cars enable your response team to initiate countermeasures right away. For swift repossessions, provide law enforcement with everything they need to know. Access data on the vehicle’s usage leading up to the incident, activate live mode to track its location in real-time, and enable the police to recover your car. Full API data availability lets you automate these processes for rapid interception in case of unauthorized access.

Minimize downtime from towed cars

Towed cars cannot be rented and equal lost revenue, making quick retrievals vital. However, telling towing apart from thefts can be difficult. In case of thefts, you want to trigger the right response immediately so that you don’t lose sharing-ready cars. At the same time, you do not want to trigger your entire operations team and maybe even contact law enforcement just to find out you mistook a towed car for a theft. Fleet Guard accurately identifies towing incidents, enabling tailored responses. Automatically disable towed vehicles in your user app and assign retrieval tasks to your operations team for efficient resolution.

Monitoring availability at a global scale
Compatible vehicle models
<24 hours
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  • live monitoring with invers fleet guard

    Comprehensive live monitoring

    Fleet Guard constantly monitors the incoming telematics data of every single CloudBoxx vehicle in your fleet and recognizes patterns of unauthorized access, tampering, and towing reliably and in real-time.

  • automated incident classification with invers fleet guard

    Automatic incident classification

    Simple alerts for potential incidents are nice to have, but they don’t tell the full story. Distinguish illegal access from towing and shape your workflows to match the incident at hand.

  • use intuitive ui with invers fleet guard

    Intuitive operations UI

    Fleet Guard is built into our comprehensive data and operations hub FleetControl, so your teams can start protecting your fleet immediately.

  • full data availability with invers fleet guard

    Full data availability

    Integrate Fleet Guard events into your system, automate responses, and automatically loop in the right people depending on incidents.

Keep your fleet safe on the INVERS platform

vehicle access
Vehicle Access

Connect your cars to our platform to receive data and execute vehicle commands. CloudBoxx is our industry-leading telematics solution – compatible with any vehicle and engineered for maximum reliability. Alternatively, scale hardware-free with OEM Integrations, our manufacturer API aggregator, and use cars with pre-installed telematics units.

invers platform

Automate your rentals with powerful vehicle commands and rich vehicle data via our easy-to-integrate API for a truly modern customer experience. For your teams, get a comprehensive data and operations interface out of the box to monitor, administrate, and troubleshoot your fleet.

add platform extensions
Platform Extensions

Protect your vehicles with our range of sophisticated platform extensions. From AI-powered Damage Detection, through driving behavior analysis and theft monitoring – we provide solutions to overcome any obstacle. With our platform’s modular design, you can freely choose the extensions that best suit your business.

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