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Shared mobility champions

Go behind-the-scenes on what sets these champions apart from the competition. What is their key to success and what role does INVERS play in it?

GoMore customers having a picknick in the woods at a lake. the GoMore car is parked next to them.


GoMore operates a digital platform for peer-to-peer carsharing, leasing, and ridesharing. It brings together private car owners who rarely use their vehicles with individuals who need access to one. This way, GoMore increases the utilization of private vehicles while reducing idle time.

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imove provides a business-to-consumer car subscription service and a business-to-business technology platform that enables companies to offer car subscription as a service, proving that sharing assets and technology is vital to sustainable forms of mobility.

Roadfans shared campervan on the road


Roadfans GmbH is Germany's first automated RV rental company, using INVERS' powerful sharing technology to make the booking and handover process customer-friendly. Customers can rent a campervan online and pick-up and drop-off their campervan 24/7.

an electric miles car is parallel parked, a woman uses her smartphone to rent and unlock it. on the car a slogan says a"enyou your elec-trip".


MILES offers free floating carsharing by the mile, not the minute. This unique business approach allows MILES to be more user-focused and alleviate the time pressure from trips, all while keeping pricing predictable and transparent.

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With INVERS at your side, you can also become a shared mobility champion. Setup and scale your fleet today, with our market-leading sharing technology.

two white sharenow cars are parallel parked on side of the street. one driver is getting out of the car and greets another pedestrian.


SHARE NOW has proven that collaboration can be stronger than competition. As a joint venture between car2go and DriveNow, SHARE NOW continues to dominate the free floating carsharing space.

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smiling woman driving a citiz car


With 500 locations across France, Citiz offers multiple modes of sharing, from free floating to station-based and even peer-to-peer sharing – all on a single tech backbone

Closeup of a Cooltra moped with a greenhelmet hanging from the handlebar


Cooltra’s rapid growth exceeded their expectations, and for further strategic growth, they knew a more powerful technology stack was needed to continue scaling up. In order to operate more efficiently and scale faster, the company decided to switch to the INVERS sharing technology ecosystem.

A Miocar parked at home is charging. The owners are unloading the car

Mobility Development

Mobility Development provides carsharing to communities and regions that do not have easy access to on-demand transportation by offering electric vehicles whenever possible.

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