People at INVERS – vol. 7

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INVERS Culture


Discover the types of careers involved in the tech space of shared mobility. From project management and support to telematics quality assurance, we have a skilled and comprehensive team building shared mobility tech for global use.

shared mobility support

Lukas Reiss – Project Management

During university, I followed the mobility and IoT space with great interest. From what I observed, there was still a lot of room for improvement – the status quo of mobility still had room for growth. Coming from a computer science background, I found alignment with INVERS and completed my bachelor thesis here. Since graduating, I am now working full-time on the project management and support team helping customers integrate our systems into their existing infrastructures.

I have been able to learn lots at INVERS throughout the past two years. Colleagues are approachable and take the time to support others as needed. Within the team I work on, there is strong cooperation and as a result, trust and freedom to react quickly to customer needs.

mobility telematics

Rebecca Klein – Telematics

After graduating with a physics degree, I knew I wanted to work in a space that had real life, tangible applications. That’s how I got involved in software and hardware development. My role at INVERS has been quite diverse as the team is growing, and I often collaborate with other CloudBoxx team members to setup the firmware test framework.

I remember on my first day, the elevator doors opened and I saw a scooter coming in my direction. I was a bit surprised, but now it doesn’t seem so unusual to me anymore since we are a mobility company. At INVERS, everyone respects each other here, and if I were to give a motto that reflects the culture here, I would say it is “happy employees, happy company”.

shared mobility project

Dirk Hartmann – Project Management

When I first saw the job description for this role at INVERS four years ago, it sounded like my dream job. Fast forward to today and I am pleased to be an integration engineer on the project management and support team. I am responsible for guiding our customers through the integration process of our software and APIs into their ecosystem. In order to do this well, I need to truly understand what the customer wants to achieve and provide concrete solutions. This requires a deep understanding of various systems, software patterns, and implementation skills.

At INVERS, everyone’s work is valued and nothing is taken for granted. I value the fact that everyone keeps their promise. Even when I came into the office for my interview, I already felt comfortable and welcomed. And that hasn’t changed at all. I’m glad that when I wrote “this job posting describes me, please hire me”, it worked!

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