People at INVERS – vol. 12

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INVERS Culture

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Leonard Mombauer – Project Management & Support

I discovered my passion for the mobility sector when I was doing an apprenticeship as an automotive management assistant. I was interested in the details and behind-the-scenes technology that made everything work. That’s why I decided to study automotive engineering and completed my thesis with INVERS.

After joining INVERS as a working student, I started working full-time on the CloudBoxx team. There I was able to apply and expand my technical and automotive knowledge. I now work as team lead on the CloudBoxx Support team and work together with my team to make vehicles shareable. At INVERS I value the fact that the company has an open ear for new ideas and encourages their employees to continuously enhance their skills.

Marie Heuzeroth – Graphic Design

As a media management student, I always knew I wanted to gain practical work experience alongside my studies. After working at the local TV station for 2 years, I wanted a new challenge that aligned with my future goals, and that’s when I found INVERS. As a graphic designer working student, I aim to consistently incorporate the brand identity of INVERS to everything I do, from shooting photos and videos to designing marketing materials to creating various graphics.

When I applied for this role, I was impressed by the impact INVERS had in shaping shared mobility. As a team member, it’s exciting to be part of the journey towards building the future of mobility, and this sense of belonging is something I felt from my first interview. Everyone is appreciated for their work and people can be productive while having fun at the same time.

Simon Meurer – Software Development

I first joined INVERS as an Android Developer in 2013 and since then have worked in product management, as team lead of a software engineering team and am now a DevOps Engineer. While no two days look the same, my regular tasks are working on deployment pipelines, adding new monitoring and alerting to our applications or simply improve things by automating processes as much as possible. I also assist our HR team with software development.

At INVERS, everyone can express their opinion and be respected and listened to. I’m grateful for its open culture, as it has allowed me to explore different opportunities over the past eight years. This has fostered a continual learning experience that has helped me improve my career.

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