People at INVERS – vol. 10

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INVERS Culture

Robert Pabst – Software Development

Prior to joining INVERS, I worked in the gaming industry for 8 years as a frontend developer. After working in an industry that was focused on entertaining people, I wanted my next challenge to be in a space that would have a positive change in people’s everyday life. When I came across INVERS, I felt like this was a perfect opportunity to expand my skills as a developer while also transforming how people move around.

As a relatively new employee, I found everyone to be really helpful and welcoming. There is a strong focus on work-life balance and there is flexibility in your working hours and location. This has made it easy for me to focus on work while also enjoying well-deserved leisure activities.

Chris Anderson – Sales

From being a trampoline and acrobatics coach in the circus to owning a dry ice company, I never imagined myself in shared mobility, but I’m happy I found it. After travelling the world, I knew I wanted to shift my career and find a company I believed in and could apply my people skills.

As a business development manager, I get to learn something new every day from a different aspect of shared mobility. Most days I talk with operators and software partners, but I also frequently talk with manufacturers, city planners, and governments. The deeper I dive into transportation solutions the more exciting they get. From smart cities and autonomous driving to re-building roadways and city infrastructure for shared micromobility; the future is bright!

Robert Kersten – Sales

After completing my master’s degree in international management, I stayed in Lisbon to freelance before joining the team at INVERS. I am currently responsible for being the first point of contact for inbound leads and am looking forward to transitioning to the enterprise sales team over the next few weeks. So far, I have worked with new startups and established corporations to provide technical and strategic recommendations on their shared mobility project.

Shared mobility is a very young, agile market with many motivated people working to build a more sustainable future. I enjoy the opportunity to have conversations with people all over the world about the latest mobility trends. I also like having these same conversations with my colleagues, who are all encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas. I felt comfortable at INVERS right from day one and am glad we have good relationships with each other.

Christoph Gallus – Marketing

I started my career with several internships in sports marketing during my bachelor’s studies. During my gap year, I decided to familiarize myself with other industries and worked at Volkswagen AG where I got hooked on the mobility industry. I am currently a working student on the marketing team at INVERS while I complete my master’s degree, and I support our event marketing activities, strategic marketing, and market research.

I like working in the mobility sector because I strongly believe that mobility should be accessible to everybody, and shared mobility achieves this. At INVERS, we have an impact on how people across the globe get around. I also have the opportunity to develop my marketing skills in an international and highly dynamic environment and can dive into new business areas to challenge myself.

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