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Acquiring, preparing, and maintaining vehicles for carsharing is costly. Our solution enables you to increase your fleet usage at all stages of your vehicles’ lifecycles. Reduce the time from purchase to first rental with a streamlined CloudBoxx telematics setup. During operations, understand fleet usage and identify revenue opportunities with deep insights. And in case of roadblocks, our experienced 24/7 support team is ready to assist you.

Minimize time to revenues in carsharing

Minimize the time to your first revenues

Cars start running up costs as soon as you buy them, so save money by reducing the time to their first rentals. Our solution streamlines installations for quick sharing readiness. Use our free SmartControl app to easily equip over 800 vehicle models with CloudBoxxes. Guided workflows and bulk configurations cater to all use cases. Alternatively, go hardware-free and use cars with preinstalled telematics. Let us manage API integrations, so you can focus your developer resources on creating business differentiation.

eliminate connectivity issues in carsharing

Eliminate connectivity issues

Unreliable vehicle connections harm revenue and customer retention. Frequent lost connections make it hard to distinguish thefts from bad reception, and sending out staff to check your cars is tedious and inefficient. With its vehicle-agnostic architecture and support for cellular and Bluetooth connectivity, CloudBoxx guarantees over 99.9% global reliability. Multiple redundancies keep cars available in remote areas, underground parking lots, or during cellular outages.

When starting up a shared mobility business, reliability is of utmost importance. INVERS was able to provide a proven and incredibly reliable telematics solution that was able to work for our business. Their technical support team was always there through set up. Additionally, INVERS continues to innovate and enhance their product and service offering. 

Dagoberto Cedillos, Co-founder/CEO Privauto

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reduce vehicle idle time in carsharing

Reduce idle vehicle times

Idle vehicles do not earn revenue, accrue parking fees, and eventually may even need a boost or new batteries. INVERS solutions provide a wide range of real-time event data, and powerful insights to help you monitor and understand underutilization. Benefit from instant fleet visualizations to pinpoint idle areas and use FleetShare to temporarily share parts of your fleet during low demand with fellow operators, maximizing rentals and revenue.

best in class support in carsharing

Unrivaled, 24/7 support from the industry’s experts

Even with the ideal tech stack, unforeseen issues can disrupt your operations, so it’s crucial to have a reliable partner. As the market leader in carsharing technology, we bring extensive experience across various business models, locations, and fleets. Count on our industry-leading technology and expertise and navigate challenges with us as your trusted partner. Our cross-functional teams are on standby around the clock in multiple time zones, so you can always count on us.

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Increase your fleet usage at all stages of your vehicles’ lifecycles using the INVERS platform. From rapid infleeting, through optimized connectivity, to generating extra revenue – our products support you at every step of the way.

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INVERS CloudBoxx is the market-leading telematics solution powering hundreds of thousands of shared vehicles in over 60 countries. This vehicle-agnostic connectivity solution is the trusted backbone of the carsharing industry with a reliability rating of over 99.9% and full flexibility for your service.

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OEM Integrations

INVERS OEM Integrations lets you add cars with pre-installed telematics from different manufacturers effortlessly. Skip the development effort of integrating and maintaining every single manufacturer API. Instead, simply connect to INVERS and benefit from well-maintained integrations that allow you to add any vehicle to your fleet instantly.

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Our complementary SmartControl app for iOS and Android contains all the tools you need to get your fleet connected to our platform. Access installation instructions for over 800 vehicle models, perform simple step-by-step configurations and testing, and add vehicles to your fleet in bulk for efficient scaling.

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INVERS FleetShare allows you to generate extra revenue by sharing your unused vehicles with fellow operators, so they can meet demand and generate extra revenue for you. Send cars to other fleets at the touch of a button and retrieve them just as easily. When cars are shared with you, they behave just like any other in your fleet and seamlessly integrate into your sharing service.

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