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Understand your fleet’s usage and fast-track insights with Trips

Learn more about your users by digging deeper into rental patterns and operational data

Fast-track valuable insights

Trips provides you with rich aggregated data on your fleet’s usage. It allows you to easily track the movement of your vehicles, identify the intricate patterns of your rentals, and quickly spot problematic trips. Trips not only makes the collected data accessible, but it also offers a range of visualizations. Additionally, all of this data is accessible through the API.

Benefits at a glance

Access Movement Data

Access data on movements in your fleet and vehicles via FleetControl and Push API, to further process data in your tools

Map View

Find opportunities to improve your offering by mapping customer trips in several different ways to identify usage patterns

Identify Vehicle Abuse

Identify drivers who abuse vehicles or fail to comply with your terms of use by leveraging our presets in combination with Driving Analysis events.

Visualization of Trips feature map view

Rely on data

Gain insights into fleet usage and operational patterns through several filter settings and seven different graphical styles of visualization right at your fingertips. Compare usage patterns for weekdays, times of day, and locations all in one tool.

Visualize fleet usage

Identify trips that need attention from your operations team at a glance with customizable filter settings and aggregated event insights. Forward trips, related data, and all other relevant information to colleagues, or flag critical entries for them to follow up later.

Identify vehicle misuse

New filter settings make it very easy to compare Trips by region or time frame. Improve risk assessment by better understanding how critical events relate to time of day or day of week, or increase profitability by creating dynamic offers based on vehicle model and days of the week.

Better Together

Trips and all related metrics are also included in our Driving Analysis feature bundle to provide you with the best possible insights regarding vehicle usage, potential damages, and significant breaches of local traffic regulations. Interested? Check out our Driving Analysis package.

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