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Elevate your car subscription business with advanced data

Build on a next generation rental tech stack to get all the data you’ll need to grow now and in the future

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reduce costs in car subscription

Reduce costs with timely maintenance data
Get the insights and data you need to perform maintenance right when it’s needed.

enhance customer relations in car subscription

Enhance customer relations
Build user apps with accurate, real-time data to give clients insights into their usage, or alert them about approaching mileage limits.

reduce customer claims in car subscription

Reduce strains on customer support
Access our comprehensive fleet administration UI and get rich vehicle data to schedule repairs and service in order to avoid customer complaints.

make data based decisions in car subscription

Make data-based decisions
Get advanced data insights to optimize your offerings and operations.

recover lost vehicles in car subscription

Recover lost vehicles
Locate and retrieve lost vehicles using GPS, even without retrofit telematics hardware.

Car Subscription maintaince when needed Illustration

Perform maintenance and repairs exactly when needed

Ideally, you perform vehicle maintenance right when it is needed to reduce costs and prevent breakdowns. But customers who take cars out on long subscriptions may neglect regularly scheduled maintenance and warning lights. Use INVERS OEM Integrations to get diagnostics data and warnings remotely. Protect your assets and reduce strains on your customer support by staying up-to-date on damage. Leverage remote odometer readings to remind your customers about proactive maintenance.

Car Subscription track lost assets Illustration

Track your cars and recover lost vehicles

Car subscription often rules out commercial usage, off-roading activities, as well as regions where cars should not be taken. Nevertheless, without access to real-time insights, you remain unaware of the precise locations and ways your vehicles are used or misused. By connecting your cars, you are always aware of unauthorized vehicle usage and driving behavior. You can also track and recover lost vehicles through access to their OEM telematics data, even if they have no aftermarket telematics installed.

Car Subscription rent idle vehicles

Increase profits by renting out idle cars

Connect your cars for flexible revenue generation and reduced idle times, setting your business apart from traditional subscriptions and leasing operations. Offer unused vehicles to fellow operators with FleetShare or let your customers rent them out on peer-to-peer platforms. Our solution facilitates seamless vehicle sharing, optimizing fleet utilization. We manage handovers, ensuring you stay informed about your car’s location and usage. Don’t let your cars go unused – maximize their potential for both you and your customers.

Car Subscription Ensure payment Illustration

Ensure timely monthly payments

As a car subscription operator, you aim to balance timely payments with positive customer relations. However, unexpected charges for exceeding monthly mileage limits can frustrate customers and dealing with non-paying clients is challenging. Access real-time mileage and location data on our platform and remotely disable vehicles if necessary. Send mileage reminders to clients, ensuring a seamless and financially secure subscription experience for all.


INVERS delivers robust telematics systems and hardware-free solutions, empowering car subscription operators to optimize operations and elevate their offerings with essential data.

why INVERS mixed fleet support

Mixed fleet support

Our platform is fully vehicle-agnostic and ready to scale with your fleet. Choose any vehicle you like; we can connect them all with our powerful CloudBoxx. Alternatively, use cars with preinstalled telematics and go hardware-free with OEM Integrations. With our solution, you can build the fleet composition that optimally fits your customer base.

why invers tech stack

A reliable and evolving tech stack

We aim to provide you with peace of mind by designing our solution to meet any challenges you may face. Independent of your business’ location, fleet composition, and plans for the future, our tech stack facilitates smooth operations every step of the way. Additionally, we continuously work on meeting tomorrow’s challenges today, so you can scale in comfort.

why invers fast infleeting

Simplifying the infleeting process

We designed our platform to cut back on the complexity of getting your cars sharing-ready. With various installation options for the CloudBoxx and our complementary SmartControl app, including installation instructions and step-by-step configurations, adding cars to your fleet is a breeze. Get your cars to your customer as quickly as possible with our efficient and streamlined solution.

We consider INVERS to be the most holistic and forward-leaning telematics solution. It offers a broad range of data sets that imove uses to optimize the subscription service and in addition can provide virtual keys to ease operations.

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MILES is the largest OEM-independent carsharing service provider in Germany, with a fleet composed of different vehicle makes and models. INVERS allows us to remain fast and flexible in the hardware and vehicle selection in order to operate and steer our fleet.

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