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Automate your rentals. And your operations.

Build on INVERS next gen rental technology and automate your rental process for a streamlined customer experience.

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reduce costs in automated car rental

Reduce damage costs
Automate your inspections and claims management with our Damage Detection and profit from a 95% damage detection rate.

staff in automated car rental

Free up resources
Digitize your rental process and reduce costs with contactless handovers, so your employees can service more customers in less time.

customer experience in automated car rental

Improve your customer experience
Eliminate waiting times at the counter with contactless rental via app and provide a seamless experience with optimal connectivity.

utilization in automated car rental

Optimize fleet utilization
Activate your underutilized vehicles to optimize your fleet’s potential and generate more revenue.

Car Rental keyless unlock Illustration

Click, unlock, drive

Go digital by automating your operations with our next generation rental technology to reach a modern customer base and reduce operational costs. Go contactless and upgrade your customers’ handover experience. Eliminate the annoyance of waiting in line by conveniently leaving the keys in the car for a seamless rental process. Pay only for parking instead of expensive kiosks and permanent staff at airports. Simply park your vehicles outside, ready to be accessed conveniently at the touch of a button.

Car Rental Damage Detection Illustration

Find and understand all damage instantly

As a car rental fleet operator, you want your vehicles to be in the best shape possible to ensure safety and a good customer experience. However, damage often goes unreported and unnoticed, making claims challenging. With AI-powered damage detection, you receive immediate notifications that pinpoint even minor and hidden damages, enhancing vehicle safety and significantly improving claim success rates.

INVERS enables us to provide industry-unique 24/7 motorhome pick-up and drop-off via mobile phones.


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Optimize your fleet utilization

Idle vehicles do not generate revenue, but periods of low demand are unavoidable for car rental businesses. Use our platform to turn underutilized vehicles into additional income sources. Easily share a portion of your fleet to gig workers, partner with a carsharing provider, or initiate your own carsharing program. Our telematics support seamless sharing and tracking across various software platforms, to simplify maximizing your fleet’s potential.

Car Rental Well treated cars Illustration

Save costs by ensuring your vehicles are treated well

Responsible drivers reduce wear and tear and have fewer accidents, but identifying them can be a challenge. With accurate telematics data, our solution detects aggressive driving behavior, such as intense acceleration, heavy braking, sharp cornering or speeding, enabling you to distinguish safe drivers from bad ones. Reduce costs by incentivizing and rewarding good driving habits, to create a beneficial feedback loop for your bottom line.


why invers trusted solution

A trusted solution for 150,000+ vehicles

We have been in the industry for more than 30 years, serving over 150,000 vehicles – and we are just getting started. Our solutions are simple and effective. No fuss, no complexities. They just work.

why invers reliability

We are committed to reliability

INVERS provides you with peace of mind using solutions that are designed to work on a global scale. No matter your vehicle type or location, our solution has a 99,9% availability. Turn to us to prevent unexpected disruptions outright.

why invers compatibility

Compatibility with every vehicle

Regardless of whether you operate compact cars, sedans or luxury sports cars – we have done it all. Our technology integrates with every vehicle model. Simplify your operations by managing your entire fleet with a telematics system.

What customers say

INVERS has been a trusted partner to Enterprise Holdings for 10+ years. We value their innovative products, entrepreneurial mentality, responsiveness and consider them the subject matter experts in the industry. Their understanding of the nuances between different transaction models, in particular, continues to drive us forward.

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Managing Director
Enterprise CarShare & Car Club
enterprise carshare carsharing mobile

When we tested INVERS the installation was easy and the connection to our software was fast and simple. So everything matched our needs and expectations and that’s why why chose the INVERS technology.

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Joscha Stephan, Founder and Director
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enterprise car share

Carsharing, Technology

The Next Frontier for Car Rental Companies is Sharing Cars

Car rental companies have the opportunity to pivot slightly and adapt their fleet and operations to embrace the growing concept of sharing cars. There is a growing demand for more mobility options and car rental companies are well positioned to meet this need.

Cloueup of CloudBoxx from INVERS with white transporter in the background

Press Release

Invers expands cooperation with Hertz First Rent A Car

CloudBoxx, the dedicated sharing telematic unit from Invers, is the solution of choice for Hertz First Rent a Car to digitize vehicles and connect them reliably into the company’s IT infrastructure to make them availabledigitally. The mobility services provider now equips vehicles for its services in Norway, Sweden and Denmark with CloudBoxx. The agreement is a new chapter in a long history of the trusted partnership.

Ubeeqo carsharing powered by INVERS

Press Release

INVERS extends cooperation with Europcar Mobility Group

Invers expands its services and activities for Europcar Mobility Group, with the objective of building reliable connectivity solutions for the mobility services provider’s fleet. Building upon CloudBoxx, the dedicated sharing telematic unit from Invers, they look at an API-centric connectivity approach, to ensure future-proof mobility services based on the latest technology innovations.