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As a pioneer of vehicle sharing technology, INVERS provides solutions that power over 450 sharing operators worldwide for over 30 years. Our reliable and flexible technology stack allows operators to fully automate the customer journey and build a profitable business.

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Our customers include:

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One platform for a fully digitized sharing experience

Automate your vehicle rental process from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for your customers and profitable operations for you. From starting trips to managing in-trip operations, ending trips, and handling your vehicles when they are not in use – our platform is with you every step of the way. See what we can do for you at each one.

Powerful technology for high reliability and easy access

Provide your users with a seamless booking experience, accurate vehicle locations, and fast access to vehicles. Real-time data ensures that start rental conditions are met before the immobilizer is deactivated.

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Enhanced experience for mobility operators and customers

Stay in the know about the state of your vehicles when they’re out on rental to ensure your fleet’s security and operational efficiency. Always keep track of your valuable assets’ location and condition, thanks to reliable connectivity and real-time data. Our powerful solutions for vehicle monitoring keep you in the loop to give you the insights you need when you need them.

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Meeting conditions for a smooth rental completion

Establish customizable end rental conditions and monitor necessary data to ensure a seamless rental completion process. Avoid inaccurate billing due to missing data or vehicles that sit idle because their rentals weren’t ended properly.

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Continuous monitoring and protection

Our advanced technology keeps mobility operators informed about their valuable assets even when vehicles are not in use, ensuring continuous monitoring and protection. Stay informed with regular status updates, motion and impact detection, and always-on connectivity.

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Reliable and flexible connectivity

Scaling your shared mobility operation requires flexible and reliable solutions. The CloudBoxx is designed to meet these demands and connects seamlessly to more than 750 vehicle models. For leaner use cases, our platform also integrates hardware-free solutions. With INVERS, you can rely on flexible and efficient fleet connection solutions, meticulously designed to support your expansion needs.

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Why choose INVERS?

INVERS – the inventor of automated carsharing – is an independent tech company dedicated solely to innovating for the shared mobility space, with pioneering hardware and software solutions.

With an established network of integration partners and long-term customer relationships worldwide, we are trusted for our cost-efficient standardized solutions, German-engineering, and unmatched reliability.

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What our customers say

MILES is the largest OEM-independent carsharing service provider in Germany, with a fleet composed of different vehicle makes and models. INVERS allows us to remain fast and flexible in the hardware and vehicle selection in order to operate and steer our fleet.

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Oliver Mackprang, CEO
miles carsharing transportersharing mobile

INVERS has been a trusted partner to Enterprise Holdings for 10+ years. We value their innovative products, entrepreneurial mentality, responsiveness and consider them the subject matter experts in the industry. Their understanding of the nuances between different transaction models, in particular, continues to drive us forward.

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Managing Director
Enterprise CarShare & Car Club
enterprise carshare carsharing mobile

INVERS is forward thinking in the tools it provides developers to support them with implementing their powerful API. We were impressed with how clear the INVERS OneAPI was, and the detailed documentation helped us quickly develop commands and test them directly using the INVERS Development Kit.

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Raphaël Korach, Head of Product
getaround (formerly drivy)
drivy peer-to-peer carsharing mobile

Through our partnership with INVERS, we bring freedom and flexibility to vacations on wheels with our motorhome rentals. We provide 24/7 motorhome pick up and drop off available via mobile phone. This is a unique service in the industry.

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Joscha Stephan, Founder and Director
roadfans automated rental mobile

It’s important for us to offer both station-based and free floating carsharing on the same app to allow our users to choose which of the two services is best suited to their needs. Thanks to the tools provided by INVERS, managing our fleet is easy to master.

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Jean-Baptise Schmider, CEO
Réseau Citiz
citiz carsharing mobile

We consider INVERS to be the most holistic and forward-leaning telematics solution. It offers a broad range of data sets that imove uses to optimize the subscription service and in addition can provide virtual keys to ease operations.

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Hans Kristian Aas, CEO
imove mobility subscription

Because INVERS has extensive experience in the carsharing industry, we felt comfortable growing our service offering with their technology.

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August Grønli
namobil peer-to-peer carsharing mobile

At GreenMobility, our focus is on getting the tech stack right. INVERS is an important piece in our setup. The right tech translates into a better user experience which translates into commercial success.

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Steffen W. Frølund, Chief Marketing Officer
greenmobility electric carsharing mobile

INVERS telematics has been the backbone of the 3 different carsharing operations I ran over the past 15 years. I am always impressed with the service we receive, from sales in Germany to tech support in Vancouver. I recommend INVERS to any organization looking for state-of-the-art telematics.

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Richard Kosmacher, Managing Director
Mobility Development Operations
Mobility Development carsharing operations mobile

The INVERS telematics enabled us to take our business to the next level, helping us grow to 30+ vans within the first 3 months. The CloudBoxx enabled streamlined data-based operation processes for vehicle service and maintenance. Additionally, analysing the extensive data sets allowed us to maximise revenue by optimising vehicle locations based on customer needs and behaviour.

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Ing. Matthias Pajek, CEO
123 transporter sharing provider

When starting up a shared mobility business, reliability is of utmost importance. INVERS was able to provide a proven and incredibly reliable telematics solution that was able to work for our business. Their technical support team was always there through set up. Additionally, INVERS continues to innovate and enhance their product and service offering. 

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Dagoberto Cedillos, Co-founder/CEO
privauto ride hailing provider mobile

To have a team of experienced industry experts is incredibly valuable to us. Our relationship with INVERS is great – the engineering and support team are always available and we can 100% rely on their experience and market knowledge!

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Oriol Marimon-Clos Sunyol, B2C General Manager
invers customer quote cooltra

Compared to other providers, the INVERS solution is significantly faster in every respect and is completely reliable at all times. When our developers easily created a functional prototype using the INVERS Development Kit and the INVERS OneAPI, our decision was made.

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Hauke Feldvoss, Founder
emmy moped sharing mobile

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