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Connected Vehicles for Sharing

Find the best vehicle connectivity option for you

Looking to connect your vehicles?

We offer a vehicle agnostic telematics and connectivity solution, whether it be a van, car, moped, kick scooter or e-bike. Our proprietary machine-learning vehicle analysis tool makes it possible for remote analysis of vehicles and fast tech integration.

By being truly vehicle agnostic, our customers can:

  • Freely choose the vehicle that fits their needs at any given time
  • Operate multiple vehicle brands and types while offering the same user experience
  • Operate their fleet with proven INVERS tools such as FleetControl and our API
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INVERS supports more than 800 vehicle models out of the box.

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Connecting options

You need to connect your vehicles with a powerful telematics and connectivity solution to create a seamless experience for your users across your fleet. Often, once you choose one connectivity option, you are locked in, even if your needs change over time. INVERS helps you stay flexible and scale effortlessly, with a variety of connection options:

  • Build up your fleet with our market leading telematics solution – CloudBoxx
  • Use INVERS OEM Integrations to connect any ex-factory or third party telematics to the INVERS ecosystem

By choosing INVERS as your partner, you are giving yourself the freedom to expand your fleet on your own terms, while still providing the same user experience across your fleet, as both CloudBoxx and OEM Integrations come fully integrated into our fleet management software, FleetControl.

Deep dive into each option below:


connecting solutions

INVERS CloudBoxx 4G fleet sharing telematics Illustration


Market leading telematics for 4-wheelers.

CloudBoxx is a fully managed solution, which consists of not only the telematics hardware unit, but also connectivity and API. It enables real-time interactions between the vehicle, the user and the operator backend. Designed for carsharing with a 99.9% reliability, CloudBoxx is already integrated into thousands of shared vehicles globally.

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INVERS CloudBoxx 4G micromobility fleet sharing telematics Illustration

CloudBoxx Mini

Powerful telematics for 2 to 3-wheelers.

Built from the foundation of the original CloudBoxx, this smaller telematics unit is specifically designed to meet the needs of shared micromobility. The CloudBoxx Mini comes with a large backup battery, waterproof housing and built-in antenna, designed specifically for lightweight vehicles.

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INVERS OneAPI Vehicle Connector Illustration

INVERS OEM Integrations

INVERS OEM Integrations allows you to connect vehicles that already come equipped with telematics ex-factory, to the INVERS tech infrastructure, which is truly telematics and vehicle agnostic.

This gives you not only the freedom to compose your fleet the way you want, but also a uniform solution to control your entire sharing fleet, using our API and fleet management software, FleetControl.

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