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reduce vehicle checks in motor pools

Reduce physical vehicle checks
Make fewer vehicle inspection trips; get mileage readings, alerts to low fuel or battery levels, and other vehicle data remotely and in real-time.

oversee multiple locations in motor pools

Oversee multiple locations remotely
Use our comprehensive UI to simplify vehicle and location management even as your operations get more complex.

vehicle lifecycle in motor pools

Get more out of your vehicles
Reduce the number of vehicles needed to service your fleet’s needs through more efficient operations, less vehicle downtime, and more reliable bookings.

vehicle allocation in motor pools

Optimize vehicle allocation
Avoid double-bookings, reduce your drivers’ commute times, and run availability checks across multiple locations with accurate live location tracking.

minimal battery drain in motor pools

Minimal battery drain
Rely on telematics systems that are engineered to preserve your vehicles’ batteries for prolonged periods of idleness.

Motor Pools Fleet Utilization Illustration

Optimize fleet utilization

As a motor pool fleet manager, you want to service more users with fewer cars to reduce operational costs. Physical keys create challenges in managing vehicle usage while risking unplanned downtime due to loss or theft. With the INVERS CloudBoxx, you have every tool you need to optimize fleet utilization. Do away with in-person handovers for a keyless, more efficient rental experience. Harness accurate data for real-time availability checks across all of your locations and improve vehicle allocation with insights into your fleet usage.

Motor Pools Carsharing Contactless Entry Illustration

Eliminate key management headaches

When expanding, the biggest challenge is maintaining your service quality. Managing keys, administrative hassles, and vehicle access delays consume valuable time. Utilize our next generation rental technology to replace car keys with remote commands and offer a fully digital user experience. Instead of tedious physical handovers, simply let users leave the keys in the car after their rental. With our optimized cellular and Bluetooth connectivity, rentals can be started in seconds – even in underground parking and remote locations.

Motor Pools Carsharing Vehicle Data Analysis Illustration

Make proactive, data-based decisions

Without the right technology, getting the data you need to polish your fleet’s performance is tedious or even impossible. Our powerful platform lets you make data-driven decisions with real-time insights to fleet usage and driving behavior. Identify reckless drivers, get alerts to low fuel or battery levels, and stay up-to-date on damage to your cars, all without physical vehicle checks.


To unlock the advantages of keyless systems for your fleet, you need sharing telematics systems integrated into your vehicles. INVERS has engineered its solutions to stand out as the market’s most reliable, elevating operational efficiency and enhancing employee satisfaction.

why invers always on connectivity

Always-on connectivity

Our solution is designed for maximum reliability. CloudBoxx supports multi-band cellular connectivity, so your cars are always available for the next ride. The integrated eSIM card enables multi-network-provider roaming to always select the best connection. Even in areas without cellular network coverage, such as underground car parks, users can use Bluetooth to access cars.

why invers simplified solution

Technology that simplifies car sharing

Each day, we work hard on finding new ways of decreasing complexity while increasing data availability and the capabilities of our products. From getting your cars sharing-ready, through everyday rentals, to overcoming obstacles like theft or damage – our solution simplifies your operations at every step of the way.

why invers long-standing success

An experienced partner for long-standing success

Over 30 years ago, we invented automated car sharing by creating the first automated motor pool. Since then, countless successful operators have used our powerful tech stack to start and scale their businesses. Today, we power over 350 shared mobility projects in more than 50 countries and we are happy to share our expertise with you.

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