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Find out here about our past, our company as a whole, and our customers.

Our history

INVERS, as the inventor of automated vehicle sharing, has an inspiring story behind it. Deep dive into our past to find out how it all started, and the milestones we have achieved to date.


Inventing automated vehicle sharing

INVERS founder Uwe Latsch presents the world’s first automated onboard unit and software for carsharing at the University of Siegen where he worked as an academic researcher. Uwe did not want to buy his own car for environmental and economic reasons, but regularly needed one to cover long distances for picking up his girlfriend in bad weather. As an electrical engineer, he decided to find a solution for automating the process of sharing a car among his fellow students. With the new onboard unit, users could pay easily by telephone card – no more manual key handover or billing required. INVERS first customer in Germany is the Carsharing Deutschland Genossenschaft.

Uwe Latsch laboratory develops sharing technology


Building early partnerships worldwide

INVERS innovative solutions receive great market attention right from the start. Among the first international customers that launch their services successfully on INVERS technology are the Dutch start-up Greenwheels and Car Club Singapore with a fleet size of 100+ in total.

As the first service of its kind, Greenwheels expands its business quickly in the following years to more than thirty cities across the country and has become today’s largest carsharing corporation in the Netherlands. Additionally, INVERS supports the early beginnings of local and regional car sharers in Germany like the Nachbarschaftsauto Dortmund with 100 shared cars.

The young company’s innovativeness gains attention even outside the sharing industry. In 1997, Uwe wins the German founder‘s fund and thus secures the financing of INVERS.

INVERS is building partnerships worldwide


Driving growth and innovation in carsharing

With a passion for solving technological challenges, we are shaping shared mobility. Our solutions have enabled the market entry of Deutsche Bahn that triggered the nationwide spread of carsharing in Germany. Today, DB Flinkster operates successfully in over 400 cities, providing more than 4,500 vehicles at 2,500 stations to its customers.

To increase our impact on the shared mobility market abroad and to support our partners on site, we opened a new subsidiary in Vancouver in 2002.

In 2008, Daimler AG, launched the world’s first free-floating carsharing service Car2Go with our vehicle connectivity technology. This pushed the adoption of shared mobility even further. Most recently, Car2Go merged with BMW’s service DriveNow. Together they are operating as SHARE NOW in 16 cities across Europe, and are still an INVERS customer.

INVERS Sharing Software solution


Further growth under new management

In 2012, Alexander Kirn becomes shareholder and CEO of INVERS since Uwe wants to focus solely on product development again, as CTO.

After growing the carsharing industry successfully, INVERS starts developing new business areas. Since 2015, emmy runs its 2,000+ mopeds on our solution and in 2016 Europe’s market leader in peer-to-peer sharing Getaround takes advantage of our vehicle agnostic approach to empower individuals to share privately owned cars.

Due to the continuous growth of the company we open in 2015 a new subsidiary in Cologne in addition to our headquarters in Netphen and the Vancouver office.

INVERS is growing


Full-stack solutions for all types of shared mobility services

To keep pace with rapidly changing market conditions and customer needs, we launch our API-centric full-stack solution Shared Mobility OS. User applications as well as telematics and device management tools allow even more efficient operations, which also serves the needs of the growing micromobility market. Therefore, Europe’s largest scooter sharer eCooltra transitions its fleet of almost 5,000 scooters to INVERS.

Furthermore, INVERS also launches a funding project to connect third-party technology. This lays the foundation for today’s CloudConnect and the INVERS partner network.

25 Years INVERS Sharing Technology in the market


New innovations and strengthening of developer focus

Mid 2020 we launched a smaller CloudBoxx telematics and connectivity solution – the CloudBoxx Mini. With a large backup battery, waterproof housing, built-in antenna, motion sensors and many more features, this solution was designed specifically for lightweight micromobility vehicles. CloudBoxx Mini pushes shared micromobility services to the next level.

The shared mobility market is very dynamic, enabling our customers to choose the best strategy without being limited by technological constraints becomes ever more crucial. What ‘best’ means for our customers today, will evidently change over time. Hence, with our new focus we are offering our customers maximum flexibility, independence and integration options with a strengthened focus on particularly serving our customers’ developer community. We put seamless interplay between all types of vehicles, telematics and shared mobility operators at the core of our business. This new approach is visually underlined by a refreshed brand design and new website.

INVERS prepares for the future
Video Thumbnail INVERS Founders Story

Necessity is the mother of invention.

This well-known proverb applies 100% to the INVERS founder, Uwe Latsch, and what started off his career as the inventor of automated vehicle sharing.

Watch the video to hear Uwe tell his inspiring story.

invers mission statement

Our mission

What has driven us for over 30 years is our passion for solving the tech challenges in the shared mobility industry with our pioneering hardware and software solutions.

We lay the groundwork that every operator needs, by developing and reliably maintaining the fundamental building blocks of their tech stack. By doing this at scale, we offer our customers cost-efficient and easily implementable tech solutions.

This enables them to focus on what matters most: evolving service innovations that create outstanding customer experiences, while keeping operations streamlined. In turn, giving them the flexibility to scale, adapt to change and collaborate across the industry.

invers vision statement

Our vision

To make the global use of shared vehicles more convenient and affordable than ownership, by empowering shared mobility operators worldwide with our technology.

Together, we make mobility shareable.

Our management

INVERS Founder CTO Uwe Latsch

Uwe Latsch

Founder & CTO

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INVERS Management CEO Alexander Kirn

Alexander Kirn


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INVERS Management CFO Arne Konietzko

Arne Konietzko


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Our customers