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The SmartControl app is the only tool you need to quickly and seamlessly install and configure your sharing vehicles when using the INVERS telematics solution. Our direct connection to INVERS OEM Integrations also makes testing of OEM telematics possible.

At its core, the app makes sure that at the end of the in-fleeting process, everything works as it should, meaning all vehicles are 100% tested. Vehicles can then roll out of the garage and into your sharing fleet to ensure maximum service level, quality and reliability.

This is made possible with the smart features we have embedded in the app for every step of the way, from connecting and testing to reporting. Learn more about these SmartControl features below.

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SmartControl makes connecting any telematics device simple.

  • Camera scan option quickly and easily adds vehicle master data such as license plates and VIN (vehicle identification numbers), reducing the chance of human-made error.
  • Guided workflows help users of different technical backgrounds perform the installation correctly, based on each company’s unique operational needs.
  • Full flexibility with various configuration modes:
  • Create custom configurations to bring all required customized data points into the ecosystem, such as accelerometer configuration and individual telematics unit settings.
  • Configure boxes that are not fully installed yet through the offline mode.
  • Use the mass mode to apply bulk configurations to multiple vehicles at once, reducing configuration time by up to 70%.


During a standard in-fleeting process, only some cars are tested out with a few basic commands, and not all vehicles are put to the test. This risks that vehicles show errors after a short while or that indispensable data is missing. SmartControl’s testing features helps avoid this by make sure everything works like clockwork.

  • Embedded automated basic testing checks for parameters like GSM connection, BLE connection and board voltage. Automated validation allows the user to focus on doing the most relevant work even faster without compromising quality.
  • The intuitive testing section provides step-by-step instructions and highlights relevant stats to control.
  • The comprehensive overview section shows all the information you need at your fingertips. You can easily check for applied configurations or make sure the right master data is entered, helping you improve data quality.


SmartControl is not only the perfect companion for installers while working in the garage, but it is also the mobile control center for operations teams and fleet managers.

  • Find all relevant vehicle state information at a glance by going to the Inspect section.
  • Send all available commands to the vehicle or request fresh vehicle states, to troubleshoot and analyze even when not being in the office.
  • Enable fleet teams or specific persons to have the whole fleet access right in their pockets.
  • Access vehicles e.g. in underground parking spots by using the fully integrated BLE connectivity features.
INVERS SmartControl Reports Features


Creating reports can be a mundane task that consumes a lot of time. SmartControl’s reporting feature automatically logs configurations and saves test results in the backend. It helps you get rid of long, cluttered Excel lists and easily share the reports with all relevant stakeholders after the configuration and test job is done. You can also send the results directly from the app to quickly identify defects and data errors.

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Thumbnail How SmartControl simplifies Installation
How SmartControl simplifies installation
Thumbnail Step-by-Step testing with SmartControl
Step-by-step testing with SmartControl

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