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Ensure a smooth customer experience
Multi-network connectivity with added redundancies, Bluetooth support, and rapid responses to commands makes your service frustration-free.

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Keep your cars safe
Best-in-class security includes real-time theft detection, accurate location tracking, damage detection, and remote immobilization.

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Monitor your fleet efficiently
Receive instant insights on crashes and damages, get notified about reckless drivers, and effortlessly check your fleet’s operational status.

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Make informed business decisions
Understand your fleet’s usage with handy visualization, data-rich trip reports, and usage insights.

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Streamlined scaling
Future-proof your business with vehicle-agnostic technology, modular architecture, and robust installations.

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Increase your cars’ availability
Keep your cars ready with optimal connectivity and snappy command execution to enable swift handovers and back-to-back rentals.

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Avoid the rental that never happened

For an excellent customer experience and to drive profitability, maximizing vehicle availability is crucial. Unreliable hardware leads to customer frustration when they cannot locate or quickly access their reserved car. INVERS CloudBoxx’s multi-provider cellular connection and Bluetooth support alongside system redundancies guarantee access to your vehicles, even in challenging locations like urban canyons or underground parking. Your cars will always be online and responsive for your customers.

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Keep your cars in good shape

Do you find yourself missing minor or hidden damages and relying too much on others to get insights on accidents and incidents involving your cars? Get valuable, real-time notifications on damages, reconstruct incidents easily with advanced data, and reduce response times to accidents with AI-driven damage detection. Discourage unwanted, aggressive driving and reward safe drivers to keep your vehicles in good shape with advanced driving analysis.

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Scale confidently with over 800 vehicle models

You are ready to expand and grow your operations, but your telematics hardware is holding you back? Our powerful platform is vehicle and software agnostic, so that you can seamlessly manage a mixed fleet. Add additional vehicles to your fleet quickly and reliably with our SmartControl App. Each week, we add support for new cars. Our technology manages the complexity and challenges, so you can scale with ease.

MILES is the largest OEM-independent carsharing service provider in Germany, with a fleet composed of different vehicle makes and models. INVERS allows us to remain fast and flexible in the hardware and vehicle selection in order to operate and steer our fleet.

Oliver Mackprang, CEO Miles

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Get more cars without buying them

Swiftly addressing fluctuating vehicle demand can be challenging, and keeping idle vehicles for peak demand is not cost-effective. Our innovative FleetShare solution enables you to partner with other fleet operators and offer their vehicles to your customers as if they were yours. Users can seamlessly rent these shared vehicles, eliminating the need for lengthy acquisition and retrofitting processes to help your business grow.

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Eliminate reliability concerns

Too many operators accept the limitations of their technology and struggle with unreliable hardware. Put reliability concerns to rest and ensure that your customers can book and use your vehicles quickly, reliably, anytime, and anywhere. Use telematics systems designed and engineered for carsharing to provide a smooth and seamless experience to your users. Reduce calls to your support team and focus on growing your business instead; the best solution is one you do not even think about. It just works.


why invers we believe in carsharing

We believe in free-floating mobility

Carsharing should be convenient and uncomplicated. Restricting rentals to specific locations and requiring employees for rental handovers are outdated. For these reasons, our technology is designed to streamline the customer journey and tackle the challenges of free-floating businesses.

why invers flexibility

Your flexibility is our priority

The free-floating market is dynamic and fast-growing. Your operations may be smaller initially, but as you grow and enter new cities, your needs change. Our platform is built for flexibility, so you will always find a solution for your individual challenges. Easily retrofit your cars with new capabilities such as Damage Detection, or get data-based insights into user trends and fleet operations.

why invers long-standing success

We enable long-standing success

In the past 30 years, we pioneered automatic carsharing and made our innovative technology the industry’s backbone. Since we facilitated the advent of free-floating carsharing in 2008, countless successful operators have made us their technology of choice. Today, we power over 350 shared mobility projects in more than 50 countries, including the largest free-floating operators world-wide.

The permanently open connection with the car that we have via the INVERS IoT module fits our approach, in that it helps us tackle the latency issue when sending commands. Also, due to the number of vehicles, the diversity of the vehicle makes, and models discovered in their system, integrating the IoT or new vehicle models is fast and easy.

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Thibaut Nguyen, CTO
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At GreenMobility, our focus is on getting the tech stack right. INVERS is an important piece in our setup. The right tech translates into a better user experience which translates into commercial success.

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Steffen W. Frølund, Chief Marketing Officer
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