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These are electrifying times ahead of us, with the advent of new vehicles, form factors, and fusion of business models. This requires maintaining efficiencies and collaboration without being constrained by technological boundaries. As shared mobility technology providers, we are in a position to shape the future of mobility for the next generations together. We believe that by joining forces we can achieve great things and make shared mobility more successful worldwide.

Join us now and benefit from our sharing software integration partner network. Let’s work together towards providing everyone, everywhere faster access to affordable and sustainable shared vehicles.

Our integration partners

What our partners say

ElectricFeel’s collaboration with INVERS is a success case in the shared electric two-wheeler market. ElectricFeel’s Operating System and Rider Apps combined with INVERS’ telematics has grown to be a leading reference in e-moped sharing, and is the business backbone for international market leaders. Both of our companies have been working in this market for a long time, and our teams have been optimizing the integration over years. We are confident that together with INVERS providing the IoT hardware and API, our customers will have a deeply integrated solution that’s bound to succeed.

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Moritz Meenen, CEO
INVERS Sharing Software Partner ElectricFeel mobile

INVERS is our go-to partner for car sharing solutions that just works out-of-the-box. The wide array of supported vehicles and the quality of the solution helps us to integrate vehicles reliably.

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Christoph Filnkößl, Solutions Engineer
INVERS Sharing Software Partner GoUrban mobile

Our long-standing collaboration with INVERS is based on the absolute quality of their hardware solutions which are continuously improving, confirming themselves at the top of the market.

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Benedetta Sanjust di Teulada, General Director
INVERS Sharing Software Partner Playmoove mobile

The collaboration with fleetster started in 2013 when Invers provided a prototype of the new cloudboxx hardware scheduled to be launched in 2014. We quickly understood that this was a superior product to the other offerings on the market. Since then, we have been operating thousands of vehicles equipped with Invers and are happy to state the device with serial number 10 is still up and running so many years later after having gone through 10+ vehicle exchanges.

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Radu Creosteanu, Chief Technical Officer
INVERS Sharing Software Partner Fleetster mobile

Wunder Mobility and Invers have a long history of successful collaboration. Our joint customers have shown that a scalable sharing business requires seamless integration between software and hardware. Invers’ telematics solution with its strong API  provides detailed insights and real-time fleet updates—proving to be of the highest quality. We are more than happy to be able to offer our customers the combination of our Wunder Mobility OS and Invers’ telematics solution.

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Gunnar Froh, CEO and Founder
Wunder Mobility
INVERS Sharing Software Partner Wunder Mobility mobile

The reliable INVERS Cloudboxx with the innovative Fleetcontrol portal is the ideal hardware solution for public and corporate car sharing. The solution integrates perfectly into the Zemtu workflow – a solid solution for car sharing providers who focus on quality

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Roland Kainbacher, Co-Founder
INVERS Sharing Software Partner Zemtu mobil

We have users logging on and relying on our technology every minute, so it is extremely important to have a reliable hardware solution paired with our software. INVERS has been a valued partner to us at throughout the years.

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Paolo Colurcio, CEO (formerly RCI Mobility) mobility technology mobile

Our partner INVERS is extremely reliable so that the integration of our software with their hardware represents a very strong package for shared mobility operators.

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Michael Minis, CEO
INVERS Sharing Software Partner MOQO mobil

Thanks to INVERS, TMF can offer the technological support that makes possible for cooperatives around Europe to establish a shared and sustainable mobility model. Cloudboxx allows our partner cooperatives to easily control a large fleet of vehicles from the same platform. We are delighted to incorporate to our solution this innovative device that makes possible shared mobility.

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Lukas Reichel, interim CEO
The Mobility Factory SCE
INVERS Sharing Software Partner The mobility factory mobile

INVERS has been the partner of choice for Ibiola Mobility Solutions for many years now. The seamless interaction of Invers’ high-end telematics and Ibiola software allows for our state-of-the-art solutions and services within the mobility market. We help our customers to enter a new dimension of mobility by offering them the perfect solutions for fleet management and sharing offers.
On top of that, the Invers-Ibiola partnership is based on mutual trust, continuity and reliability and we both share the same visions. That’s the basis of our joint success.

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Nina Wildberger, CEO
IBIOLA Mobility Solutions
ibiola software provider

True to the motto “Mobility can be shared”, we offer our customers smart solutions for public car sharing and corporate mobility. AZOWO is intuitive and reliable. These are exactly the qualities we find in INVERS, which makes our collaboration so valuable for us.

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Albert Pescheck, Patric Schneider, Management
INVERS Sharing Software Partner azowo mobil

The solutions from INVERS and our mobility platform are a great match. With the help of INVERS we enable our customers to provide custom corporate carsharing which is embedded in our highly integrated MaaS-Solution. Across the mobility value chain, from hardware and software to processes, we are happy to work with INVERS.

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Jörg Röhlen, Geschäftsführer
Better Mobility
INVERS Sharing Software Partner Better Mobility mobile

Launch Mobility aims to provide more than just a technology platform for shared mobility operators; we strive to partner in the growth of their operations. We are confident referring customers to INVERS because we know they receive the quality and support that they need. Together with INVERS, we can provide a thriving environment for testing, iterating, and scaling mobility operations.

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Paul Hirsch, CEO
Launch Mobility
launch mobility software provider mobil

We are very pleased with the CloudBoxx 4G we use from INVERS and trust it’s reliable connectivity. We have achieved our core goal of providing our customers with an optimal car sharing experience. Due to the constant development of our software in combination with the INVERS telematics, we have seen a significant decrease in customer support requests.

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Willem Schonewille, Managing Director
WeGo Carsharing GmbH
wego carsharing app
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Partnership benefits

  • Acquire new customer leads
  • Seamless integration using one access-point via the INVERS OneAPI
  • Use our 25+ years of industry experience and know-how as your trusted partner
  • More customer flexibility with our business model, vehicle, and telematics agnostic infrastructure
  • 650+ vehicle models connected to our platform, from 70+ global manufacturers
  • Reliable uptime and global connectivity via the INVERS CloudBoxx solution
  • Maintain sole data ownership and controlled data flows

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