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  • May 14, 2024

    Market innovation: Invers launches software solution for theft detection in car sharing

    Fleet Guard, the car sharing tech industry’s first software solution for theft detection, provides operators with an efficient tool to detect theft of or illegal joyrides with their assets in real time. The solution from Invers analyzes comprehensive vehicle data from CloudBoxx, the most reliable car sharing telematics in the market, and identifies patterns of tampering, theft or towing of cars.

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    E-Car sharing on the north coast

    May 7, 2024

    North Sea coastal car sharing grows with CloudBoxx: Flow Carsharing expands its offering to 25 stations

    Flow Carsharing's electric fleet is now running on CloudBoxx from Invers. The operator from Büdelsdorf near Rendsburg has been offering its customers in Schleswig-Holstein shared electric vehicles since 2021. This year, founder and Managing Director Florian Kolberg is expanding the service from 12 to 25 stations and proving that car sharing works in rural areas - even with electric vehicles.

    April 11, 2024

    Car sharing with microcars: a glance at 17 operators in Europe

    Microcars can contribute to the mobility transition. Their compact not only makes them more cost-effective compared to conventional electric vehicles but also enables them to occupy less space and provide increased parking flexibility - attributes particularly beneficial in congested urban areas. Additionally, these lightweight electric vehicles are actively used in car sharing. The new market analysis by Invers has identified 17 car sharing operators across 8 European countries that offer such microcar-like vehicles.

    January 30, 2024

    Carsharing with electric microcars: drivemycar uses Invers carsharing technology

    Swiss carsharing platform drivemycar is leveraging CloudBoxx carsharing telematics from Invers to add electric microcars to its fleets. The L7e electric microcars, known for addressing urban transport challenges, offer a sustainable solution for space constraints, operational efficiency, and environmental impact, while closing the gap between full size cars and micromobility for users.

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