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keyless rental in p2p carsharing

Go keyless to polish your customer experience
Replace physical handovers with remote commands to automate your rental process using our vehicle-agnostic hardware and API.

delighted customers in P2P carsharing

Delighted customers from start to finish
Upgrade your customer experience on both ends with streamlined app-only handovers, optimal connectivity, and asset protection solutions.

smooth business operations in P2P carsharing

Keep your business running smoothly
Effectively identify and discourage reckless driving, such as speeding or harsh cornering, and detect crashes in real-time with accurate sensor data.

integrated theft detection

Protect your customers’ assets
Retain full control over the cars in your fleet during and outside of rentals with remote immobilization, reliable tracking, and multiple redundancies for sustained connectivity in any place.

P2P Carsharing increase vehicle supply Illustration

Grow a fleet of connected cars

As a peer-to-peer operator, you’re always looking to expand your fleet, but a complicated setup process may discourage car owners from joining your platform. Simplify your onboarding with the INVERS CloudBoxx and lower the barrier to entry. The easy-to-install hardware works with any model, allowing you to rapidly add vehicles to your service. During operations, powerful remote commands allow you to automate the entire rental process for a fully digital customer experience.

P2P Carsharing Automate handovers Illustration

Reduce customer disputes

Prevent friction between car owners and renters with accurate, real-time vehicle data and contactless handovers. Keyless technology, remote immobilization and locking, as well as real-time location tracking alleviate the need for manual end-of-rental checks. Additionally, our solution provides accurate data on fuel levels and mileage at all times to ensure transparency for your customers. Access all the data you need to resolve disputes at any time.

P2P Carsharing delight customer base Illustration

Delight both parts of your customer base

One of the hardest and most unique challenges of P2P sharing is keeping both vehicle owners and renters happy. Increase accessibility for your lending customers with uncomplicated installations and take good care of their cars with AI-based Damage Detection and real-time identification of reckless drivers. At the same time, highly reliable connectivity ensures your renting customers always have an enjoyable sharing experience with smooth handovers in any location, including underground parking and remote places.

P2P Carsharing increase revenue Illustration

Increase revenue per vehicle

Let our technology solve the headache of balancing supply and demand. During peak hours, fast data transmission and reliable technology make for seamless starts and rental ends every time. On slower days, use FleetShare to share your idle cars with fellow operators to generate extra revenue.

With our powerful and reliable tech stack, you are equipped to tackle any operational challenge. Streamline your customer journey and enable back-to-back rentals with optimized connectivity and a flexible solution that fits your needs, so you can focus on what matters: Creating a loyal user base of repeat customers.


why invers simplify carsharing

Technology that enables carsharing

We are constantly working on new ways of decreasing complexity while driving data availability and vehicle control. Already now, our products facilitate the entire peer-to-peer vehicle lifecycle, from streamlined installation, over maximum reliability during operations, to highly accurate asset protection in rentals. We offer the biggest vehicle coverage in the market and are always expanding our solution to tackle any challenges you may face.

why invers we take care

Awareness of all stakeholders’ needs

We not only aim to solve the challenges you are facing. We also understand the needs your lending and renting customers have, such as vehicle protection and smooth handovers. We provide sophisticated technology and advanced software to create a transparent sharing experience with deep insights for all parties.

why invers partnership

A decade of successful partnerships

We are the reliable partner of some of the world’s most successful peer-to-peer operators. Over the past decade, we have repeatedly proven our technology can accommodate for any vehicle, business plan, and environment. With a global network of installation partners, none of your customers will have trouble connecting their car to join your service.

What customers say

INVERS is forward thinking in the tools it provides developers to support them with implementing their powerful API. We were impressed with how clear the INVERS OneAPI was, and the detailed documentation helped us quickly develop commands and test them directly using the INVERS Development Kit.

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Raphaël Korach, Head of Product
drivy peer-to-peer carsharing mobile

With INVERS’ technology, we are able to offer a user-focused peer-to-peer carsharing experience, attract new customers with our keyless and automated process, and drive significant business growth.

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Frederik Nellemann, Chief Product Officer
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