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Your fleet mission control. Be in the know of your fleet status.

INVERS FleetControl Dashboard

About FleetControl

FleetControl, the INVERS fleet management software, gives mobility providers the ability to connect, configure, control, and optimize their fleet quickly and easily all from one interface – regardless of the fleet telematics solution or vehicle type. Additionally, it allows for remote updates, over-the-air vehicle troubleshooting, analyzing fleet status, and managing vehicle maintenance across cities.

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FleetControl in a nutshell
FleetControl in a Nutshell
FleetControl Heartbeat Viewer and KPI Monitor
Heartbeat Viewer and KPI Monitor
FleetControl Event history and live mode
Event History and Live Mode
FleetControl Fleet Viewer


FleetControl allows you to connect as many vehicles as you want at once and make them ready-to-share quickly. No matter the type of vehicle and telematics.

For an extra easy start, you can use our SmartControl App. It allows you to run the complete set-up process for the telematics and do various performance tests, at the push of a button on your smartphone. You can also perform bulk connection of multiple vehicles at once.

INVERS OneAPI FleetControl connect features


Regardless of your telematics, check on your fleet status to make sure everything is running smoothly, interact with your vehicles, remotely diagnose and troubleshoot and test or perform bulk commands. This gives you high flexibility in scaling as well as the power to manage all vehicle-relevant data centrally.

INVERS OneAPI FleetControl control features


Ensure your vehicles are at 100% availability, whether it is in-a-rental or ready-to-rent. The optimization feature allows you to gain deep insights into your fleet data and utilization over time. In turn, enabling you to act fast to ensure your vehicles functionality, security, and availability around the clock.

Predict the wear-and-tear and potential technical issues of your vehicle components. Through our FleetViewer feature, you can even detect early malfunctions with our automatic smart alerts (e.g. door unlocked outside of a rental episode).

INVERS OneAPI FleetControl optimize features

What are the benefits?

Seamless vehicle configuration

Manage INVERS telematics (CloudBoxx), or other telematics by using CloudConnect with a simple set-up process.

One hub for all device and vehicle information, such as vehicle health and GPS quality in your business area.

All FleetControl functionalities are also made available through our open API to be consumed by any other service or software that is connected to it (e.g. your sharing software or other third party platforms).

INVERS FleetControl Configuration process

Actionable fleet diagnostics

FleetControl serves as a powerful tool that makes your daily operations efficient and cost-effective by providing remote oversight and diagnostics of your fleet.

Perform updates, reboot, and troubleshoot vehicle and telematics issues.

Inspect vehicle events over a certain period of time to retrace user activities and vehicle history to identify issues and optimise processes.

INVERS FleetControl Fleetviewer Tool Dashboard

INVERS SmartControl app

The SmartControl app is the perfect assistant, supporting you to make new vehicles available to your customer base fast.

Guided workflows support users of different technical backgrounds to install, configure and test CloudBoxx and CloudBoxx Mini. Usage of camera makes adding vehicle master data, such as VIN and license plates simple.

Additionally, our direct connection to INVERS CloudConnect allows for testing of OEM ex-factory telematics possible.

INVERS SmartControl App for seamless vehicle set up

The INVERS sharing technology ecosystem

INVERS offers a modular ecosystem for your fleet connectivity and data management needs, as well as a strong partner network of sharing software technology providers.

INVERS CloudBoxx Range sharing Telematics with cloud


Make your vehicles sharing-ready with our reliable CloudBoxx range and integrate seamlessly into our modular ecosystem to set up, scale, and diversify your shared fleet.

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INVERS FleetControl fleet management solution

Fleet data management software

Get detailed insights and real-time fleet updates using FleetControl, including data such as vehicle events, heartbeats, ignition status, fuel levels, and much more.

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Build or buy sharing software

Manage your users and automate daily business via the backend sharing software and booking app. Consult with us to build your own, or buy from our integration partners.

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