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What is CloudBoxx?

Whether launching a carsharing, moped sharing, or any other shared mobility service, you need telematics (IoT) that turn regular vehicles into a connected, sharing-ready fleet. The INVERS CloudBoxx does just that.

CloudBoxx is the market leading telematics solution powering hundreds of thousands of shared vehicles in over 60 countries. It is German-engineered and the trusted backbone for leading shared mobility providers with a reliability rating of over 99.9%. CloudBoxx’s compatibility with any vehicle gives you the ultimate flexibility to freely choose the vehicles and software tools that will shape your unique service.

The CloudBoxx is your key to the powerful INVERS tool stack with products to automatically detect damages and theft as well as the world’s first fleet sharing solution.

CloudBoxx 4G sharing telematics front and side view

What are the benefits?

Always-on connectivity

CloudBoxx supports multi-band cellular connectivity from 2G and 3G to 4G or LTE-M.

The integrated eSIM card enables multi-network-provider roaming to always select the best connection across network providers. Due to its low latency, CloudBoxx instantly reacts to API calls and provides immediate vehicle access. Especially in areas without cellular network coverage, such as underground car parks, you can use Bluetooth for accessing the vehicle and implement a smooth end user flow.

Built-in precise vehicle localization and dead-reckoning calculations ensure accurate vehicle positioning anywhere.

Reliable and always on connectivity INVERS CloudBoxx


Built with a developer-first approach, our open REST API and its documentation facilitate integration and development processes. This enables you to customize your portfolio of offerings with the integration of third-party tools, on top of our standard functions.

INVERS Ecosystem API Centric Architecture

Fast scaling & mixed fleet support

Our CloudBoxx is fully vehicle agnostic and ready to scale with your fleet. Launch a unique mixed fleet with vehicles of different brands, models, shapes, and sizes.

Adapt to the challenges you face at any time. With various installation methods and a modular architecture, the CloudBoxx fits any use case. Add components, like card readers or key tracking, and flexibly choose the data, commands, and features you need.

Functionalities are constantly being improved with firmware updates over-the-air for seamless operations.

Fast Scaling and mixed fleet INVERS Ecosystem

Minimal time to first rental

Get your cars on the road as quickly as possible with our streamlined infleeting process. Using the simplified OBD plug-and-play setup, any car is sharing-ready in no time.

Guided step-by-step configurations in our user-friendly SmartControl app enable anyone to add vehicles to your fleet with ease. Automated tests ensure your cars are properly connected and ready for their first customer.

fast scaling

What are the features?

Operational features

  • Compatible with any shared mobility business model
  • Optimized for real-time fleet management
  • Smart vehicle location tracking designed for sharing applications
  • > 99,9% availability on a global scale
  • Managed connectivity with 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M, and BLE
  • Integrated multi-provider SIM card

Hardware features

  • Fully vehicle agnostic thanks to a modular architecture and a broad choice of I/Os
  • Customizable with add-ons like RFID access control, electronic accessory tracking, or the Damage Detection module
  • Over-the-air firmware updates and configuration
  • Fine-tuned motion sensors for shock and towing detection
  • Installation support for CAN and OBD

Developer features

  • Easy-to-use REST API
  • Extensive documentation with code examples from common use cases
  • Message queues to consume vehicle data
  • Deep CAN Bus integration for custom workflows with an event-based structure
  • Bluetooth API support

The INVERS sharing technology ecosystem

INVERS offers a modular ecosystem for your fleet connectivity and data management needs, as well as a strong partner network of sharing software technology providers.

INVERS CloudBoxx Range sharing Telematics with cloud


Make your vehicles sharing-ready with our reliable CloudBoxx range and integrate seamlessly into our modular ecosystem to set up, scale, and diversify your shared fleet.

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INVERS FleetControl fleet management solution

Fleet data management software

Get detailed insights and real-time fleet updates using FleetControl, including data such as vehicle events, heartbeats, ignition status, fuel levels, and much more.

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choose the best booking software with INVERS

Build or buy sharing software

Manage your users and automate daily business via the backend sharing software and booking app. Consult with us to build your own, or buy from our integration partners.

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Try out yourself with INVERS Development Kit

INVERS Development Kit

The INVERS Development Kit allows you to test the functionality of the CloudBoxx and its comprehensive API, right at your desk. The Development Kit simulates data sensors of a real vehicle (e.g. ignition, charging level and status, mileage, fuel levels) so you can experience the full functionality of the CloudBoxx and its API.

INVERS SmartControl App for seamless set up

INVERS SmartControl app

The SmartControl app is the perfect assistant, supporting you to make new vehicles available to your customer base fast. Guided workflows support users of different technical backgrounds to install, configure and test CloudBoxx and CloudBoxx Mini. Usage of camera makes adding vehicle master data, such as VIN and license plates simple. Additionally, our direct connection to INVERS OEM Integrations allows for testing of OEM ex-factory telematics possible.

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