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OEM Integrations

Connect your fleet hardware-free to the INVERS ecosystem using only one API

Use INVERS OEM Integrations to connect to these brands and many more

Your hardware-free connection to the INVERS platform

Vehicle-as-a-service operators need to connect their vehicles using telematics solutions in order to share them. The telematics can be either factory-fitted OEM units, or after-market third-party systems.

With INVERS OEM Integrations, mobility operators can integrate models from different manufacturers with various telematics quickly and easily into their fleet without having to invest a great deal of development effort. Regardless of what option you choose, our OEM Integrations give you the freedom to connect your vehicles and telematics to the INVERS ecosystem.

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Thumbnail OEM Integrations in a nutshell
OEM Integrations in a nutshell
Thumbnail OEM Integrations Reduce development costs
Reduce your development costs
Thumbnail OEM Integrations Gain more flexibility
Gain more flexibility

What are the benefits?

Connect via OneAPI

Simplify the management of your connected fleet

Use OEM Integrations to control and analyze fleets of diverse vehicles through one software tool. Take advantage of software-enabled process to add and connect vehicles to your fleet by yourself. Aggregate, clean, and standardize data from factory-fitted OEM telematics units, or after-market third-party systems. Gain peace of mind by letting INVERS manage, maintain, and update your fleet vehicles’ APIs.

free developer resources

Reduce costs and allocate resources more effectively

OEM Integrations gives you the flexibility to move your developer resources away from maintaining and managing APIs. Its thorough documentation streamlines deployment development efforts, while the standardized data it creates reduces the effort to connect external services to your ecosystem. Freed from API-related tasks, your developers can spend more time on innovations that make your business unique.

Fast Scaling and mixed fleet INVERS Ecosystem

Enable faster business and operational changes

Create a fleet diverse enough to fit business needs without worrying about connectivity and compatibility with existing technology. OEM Integrations lets you quickly change or add to your connected fleet to match market needs. Easily add or change your fleet software or auxiliary systems, and gain new insights by adding standardized data from third party sources. Gain bargaining power with OEMs through the ability to quickly switch between vehicles.

Scale your sharing fleet with any vehicle you want

Vehicle agnostic

scale your business fast with CloudConnect

Scale fast

boost your businesses growth and success with INVERS CloudConnect

Increase growth and success

CloudConnect uses high security protocols for the transmission of info and commands

Secure transmission of data

CloudConnect uses high bandwidth and has low latency

High-volume and low latency

CloudConnect is part of INVERS OneAPI system

OneAPI to connect vehicles & telematics

CloudConnect ist connected to fleetcontrol fleet management software

Control & manage fleet with one software

INVERS CloudConnect simplifies co-sharing of fleet assets

Facilitate co-sharing of assets

How does it work?

Different telematics solutions “speak” differently; they use different types of commands and responses to communicate and provide non-standardized data. Even basic values like door lock statuses or fuel levels may be communicated differently from one system to the next. So, when operators want to add vehicles with telematics different than the ones already in their fleet, they run into integration complexities. Additionally, new features and updates add the necessity for ongoing maintenance of the software. These integration and maintenance tasks can take up a lot of valuable developer resources.

INVERS OEM Integrations makes it simple. It aggregates, cleans, and standardizes telematics data to let operators communicate with all their vehicles via the same API – INVERS OneAPI. This eliminates the need to implement and maintain a unique connection for each telematics system, and provides the freedom to change or add to a fleet without worrying about compatibility with existing technology or integration and maintenance headaches.

API vehicle commands and vehicle state values

invers cloudconnect vehicle states and commands
unlock- / lock-central-lock
enable- / disable-driving
unlock- / lock-top-case
and more...


unlock- / lock-central-lock
Unlock or lock the central lock of your connected vehicles.


enable- / disable-driving
Make your vehicles ready to drive.


unlock- / lock-top-case
Unlock or lock the top-case of any connected moped.


Unlock the battery compartments of any connected e-bike, kick-scooter or moped.


Trigger the vehicle-specific alarm function (horn, flashing lights, etc.) to bring attention to the vehicle.


Request all available vehicles state values and data points from a vehicle in real-time.


Get the current GPS location of your connected vehicle.


Get the current fuel level of your connected vehicle.


Get the mileage of your connected vehicle.


and more…
Available vehicle states also include door-lock status, remaining range, cellular signal quality, and more. Check our API reference for more information.

All integrated brands

The INVERS sharing technology ecosystem

INVERS offers a modular ecosystem for your fleet connectivity and data management needs, as well as a strong partner network of sharing software technology providers.



Make your vehicles sharing-ready with the INVERS OEM Integrations. Integrate ex-factory or third-party telematics seamlessly into our modular ecosystem.

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INVERS FleetControl fleet management solution

Fleet data management

Get detailed insights and real-time fleet updates using FleetControl, including data such as vehicle events, heartbeats, ignition status, fuel levels, and much more.

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choose the best booking software with INVERS

Build or buy
sharing software

Manage your users and automate daily business via the backend sharing software and booking app. Consult with us to build your own, or buy from our integration partners.

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INVERS SmartControl app

The SmartControl app is the perfect assistant to support you in making new vehicles available to your customers quickly. Guided workflows walk users of different technical backgrounds through installation, configuration and testing of CloudBoxx and CloudBoxx Mini systems. Adding vehicle master data such is VIN and license plate numbers is made easy and accurate thanks to camera integration into the app. Additionally, our direct connection to INVERS OEM Integrations makes testing of factory-fitted OEM telematics possible.

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