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Build your own sharing software

Use the INVERS OneAPI to build your own sharing software and booking app

INVERS OneAPI build your own sharing software

Why build your own?

We believe that a flexible sharing software is critical to the success of operators, allowing them to react quickly and easily to changing user requirements and market conditions. This is where the differentiation potential lies for operators who want to offer a unique brand experience as well as to maintain operational efficiencies.

That’s why we have built a reliable API infrastructure, the INVERS OneAPI, that you can use as a foundation to develop your own sharing software on top of. Additionally, your developers can benefit from our consultation services based on our prior experience in building sharing software.

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How does INVERS help you start?

invers experienced consultation services

Consultation services

Use our experience in building sharing software to get started and troubleshoot to keep your business running smoothly

INVERS OneAPI is easy to use


Our INVERS OneAPI is developer-friendly, easy-to-use, modular, and has a domain-driven design that enables you to use the specific parts that help you support your operating model.

INVERS provides source code modules for booking software

Comprehensive documentation

OneAPI is not only a powerful and developer-friendly interface, but it comes also with a comprehensive documentation created for developers by developers.

The benefits of our OneAPI

INVERS OneAPI is developer friendly


Our INVERS OneAPI is designed by developers, for developers. It offers you one single sign-in access, one syntax to work with, and a clear and consistent documentation. Using the INVERS OneAPI makes development fast and easy.

INVERS solutions are built to stay

Built to stay

With consistent versioning, the INVERS OneAPI provides for both stability as well as flexibility. It is regularly extended with new commands and functionality while making sure it’s backwards compatible so that you benefit from high stability. This makes integrations easy to maintain, even when we keep adding new features as well as vehicle and telematic types, for your optimum business flexibility.

INVERS technology is reliable and secure

Reliable and secure

Our services are securely and redundantly hosted in high-availability data centers, ensuring uninterrupted uptime and 99.9% reliability. Communication with INVERS OneAPI is encrypted with modern industry-standards, establishing optimal security.

Our most popular features

INVERS OneAPI is all in one

Connected vehicles API
Use INVERS OneAPI to communicate with all types of vehicles and telematics. We take care of the complexity of the multiple API aggregation.

OneAPI can also handle telemativ specific capabilities

Vehicle & telematics control
Use telematics dedicated commands to benefit from all key functionalities of your fleet.

insights to operational fleet data

Analytics & insight tools
Process operational data of your telematics to analyze and improve your service. Configure alerts for certain thresholds to receive notifications.

OneAPI roles and permission management

Roles & permission management
Manage access to parts of the INVERS OneAPI for specific users and integrated platforms.

OneAPI has only one access point

Single sign-on access point
One login to manage all INVERS products from OneAPI to our tech stack.