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Protect yourself against damage and increase vehicle lifetime values

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You want your vehicles to be in great shape for as long as possible for your customers’ experience and for the cars’ resale values. However, aggressive driving and damage can impact the appearance and value of your cars. We designed systems to protect your assets and safeguard their value.

detect damages in carsharing

Say Goodbye to ‘Don’t Tell, Don’t Pay’

Traditional inspections may miss minor or hidden damages that your clients fail to report, which devalues your cars and jeopardizes customer safety. INVERS Damage Detection identifies damage in real-time and generates detailed incident reports. Its powerful AI analyzes vast sensor data to detect damages with over 95% accuracy. Notifying drivers about those damages in real-time makes it less likely for customers to dispute claims. Keep your cars safe and in prime condition while streamlining your claims management.

identify rechless drivers in carsharing

Identify reckless drivers

Aggressive drivers shorten the lives of your vehicles. They might speed, joyride, or even crash – posing risks to vehicles, revenue, and future customers. By interpreting GPS and accelerometer data in real-time, INVERS Driving Analysis gives you insights into your customers’ behavior. Configurable thresholds let you easily distinguish common driving errors from aggressive behavior, so you can encourage good drivers and disincentivize the bad ones.

prevent vehicle thefts in carsharing

Secure your cars, prevent thefts

Safeguard your fleet with our top-tier security solutions. Use remote immobilization to secure cars outside rentals, and employ keyless technology to digitalize car keys, deterring theft while ensuring control. Accurate sensors detect unauthorized movements, using advanced pattern recognition to identify tampering or towing and promptly notify you. In case of theft, aid law enforcement with precise data and remote immobilization for swift recovery, providing peace of mind for your fleet’s safety and growth.

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Our platform has solutions to protect your fleet from all angles. Automatically identify aggressive drivers,detect damage instantly, and prevent unauthorized access – all automatically.

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Damage Detection

Our AI-driven Damage Detection lets you detect even the smallest damage to your cars in real-time. Instant notifications allow you to easily attribute damage to the customer that caused them while rich contextual data on severity, time, and vehicle usage makes for successful claims.

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Driving Analysis

INVERS Driving Analysis allows you to monitor and understand your customers’ driving behavior in real-time. Get insights on aggressive drivers, speeding, harsh braking and cornering, as well as crash events. Encourage good driving behavior and ban customers that abuse your cars and diminish their value.

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INVERS CloudBoxx is the market-leading telematics solution powering hundreds of thousands of shared vehicles in over 60 countries. This vehicle-agnostic connectivity solution is the trusted backbone of the carsharing industry with a reliability rating of over 99.9% and full flexibility for your service.

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