People at INVERS – vol. 13

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INVERS Culture

INVERS Senior PR Manager Stephanie Altemoeller

Stephanie Altemöller – International PR

Turning tech products into stories – that’s my professional passion. I enjoy the challenge of learning about complex technical workflows and translating them into easy-to-understand, digestible narratives for different stakeholders. As the Senior International Public Relations Manager at INVERS, I am always on the hunt for great ideas, smart solutions, or cool case studies that I can bring more attention to from the general public.

I was intrigued by INVERS because I strongly believe we need to re-invent our notions of mobility now, and that’s what the company is involved in. We can’t continue overconsuming resources and putting a strain on the environment by the way we move today. Sustainable innovative mobility is a key challenge, and it’s thrilling to be in the middle of it with INVERS. Great to be part of an agile, cooperative, international team working on the future of mobility!

INVERS team Denis Wuest

Denis Wüst – Team Lead Hardware Support

I came to INVERS with an interest in vehicle electronics and since joining INVERS in 2008, I have worked in customer support, projects, and am now the team lead for the hardware team under project management and support. We take care of support requests, installation instructions, and on-site customer training. There continues to be exciting new tasks in this space, especially as electric vehicles are becoming more popular.

INVERS continues to understand the changes and uncertainties the future brings, but can assess opportunities realistically to build the right technology. I find it very reassuring that many people here are passionate about their work and stand behind the products. Brand advocacy is strong here, and I am happy to be a part of this in shaping the future of the company and mobility overall.

INVERS team Marvin Wegermann

Marvin Wegermann – IT

I am currently completing my apprenticeship with INVERS as an IT specialist, building on my technical diploma and previous experience working for an IT service provider. I chose to work in the technology sector and IoT because there are many things to learn about – for example, I am learning to develop and maintain our systems and infrastructure.

For me, INVERS was the right decision because from the first moment I entered the head office in Siegen, I was met with friendly faces and I felt welcomed right away. I feel at home at INVERS, and the workdays are always fun. You get the chance to bring up your own ideas and be creative. At the same time, it’s great to work at a company that is working towards making the world a greener, better place to live.

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