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OX Drive

Premium user experience with free-floating Tesla car sharing in Latvia

OX Drive is a car sharing operator in Latvia who rents out Teslas in a free-floating system. Currently, they are operating in the wider range of Riga. OX Drive’s mission is to provide an outstanding user experience with their cars and seamless booking process as well as with their customer service. Founded by the 4 Co-founders Egija, Kristians, Juhan and Kristaps in 2022, their fleet has grown to over 100 cars in less than a year with more plans to expand within the next few months.

ox-drive tesla car
OX Drive's Tesla on the road around Riga, Latvia. On board: INVERS CloudBoxx

The Challenge

OX Drive is radically changing how mobility is being perceived in Latvia by being the only operator to provide premium electric vehicles from Tesla for on-demand use, so it’s no surprise that the company is a fast-growing success.

Their goal? To create an outstanding car sharing experience, from taking your smartphone out to book a car in your area to dropping it off at their designated location of choice. OX Drive was looking at two points when deciding who they want to work with: First, they needed someone who has experience in car sharing with Tesla. Second, they needed someone who can guarantee the best user experience for automated rental.

To provide the best possible experience, OX Drive knew it needed the most reliable shared mobility tech stack. When looking into solutions to make this happen, they were facing a common problem: “The available Tesla APIs did not fit our purpose and expectations when it comes to reliability and processing updates within the Tesla system. Imagine a scenario where our customer is standing in heavy rain with a bag of groceries, while not being able to access her car that she paid money for due to an update that has not been reflected in the API. That’s an experience you will never forget.”

Providing the most outstanding experience means that everything needs to work, everywhere, and anytime. To me, INVERS is the perfect answer to that.

The Decision

When looking for solutions to enable car sharing, INVERS was always at the top of our mind due to the experience they have in the car sharing industry, according to Egija. “At a networking event, we talked to other mobility providers using INVERS and every single one of them was impressed by their solutions.”

All the Co-founders also saw the benefits of automizing their car sharing process with INVERS. “It was important for us that our service would work everywhere reliably since our area of operations is quite wide”.

OX Drive at the Riga Fashion Week. A sight to behold.

The Result

Having a secure and reliable solution has been the most significant benefit realized with INVERS, says Egija. First, it’s reassuring to know our car won’t be stranded, and second, the CloudBoxx we use for the rental process provides lots of different possibilities to control our fleet like the lock immobilizer from distance.

A second, important benefit has been speed tracking. “Using FleetControl with its speed tracking function, we can track our customers driving behavior and make sure they’re not driving like crazy”, says Egija. OX Drive has reduced the risk of getting fines while being able to determine which customer misused their car to break the speeding regulations.

OX Drive’s future plans

Right now, OX Drive will continue to grow their fleet. Recently, they have added two Porsche Taycan to their fleet and equipped them with the INVERS CloudBoxx. By the end of 2023, they want to have 300 cars in their fleet to meet the demand in Riga. In the future, they want to expand into a few underserved markets in Eastern Europe to provide an outstanding mobility experience.

ox drive porsche
OX Drive with their new Porsche Taycan: Available now in Riga with INVERS CloudBoxx technology!

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