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  • Webinar recap: From ownership to usership - maximize your fleet's potential.

    October 17, 2022 – Car subscription, Carsharing, Shared Mobility

    Webinar Recap: From Ownership to Usership – Maximize Your Fleet’s Potential

    Hans Krstian Aas, CEO and co-founder of imove, joined Bharath Devanathan, our Chief Business Officer, for a webinar on adding new revenue streams and using data to scale profitably to maximize fleet potential. They discussed the changes they're observing in the shared mobility market, and shared examples of data that shows the best moments to move fleet vehicles through different lifecycle stages.

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    trends in european car subscription

    September 14, 2022 – Car subscription

    5 Trends in European Car Subscription

    INVERS recently launched its first Mobility Barometer, focusing on European car subscription. This article highlights 5 of the top trends and developments from the space.

    car subscription insights interview monitor deloitte

    September 7, 2022 – Car subscription, Expert Interviews

    Car Subscription Insights: An interview with Monitor Deloitte

    Car subscription services are currently experiencing high demand and seeing strong customer growth. We talked to Ingo Schmuckal and Christopher Hemberger from Monitor Deloitte about how car subscription stands out in the VaaS market and how it might develop in Europe and beyond.

    panel discussion on European car subscription

    September 2, 2022 – Car subscription, Shared Mobility

    Panel Discussion Recap – INVERS Mobility Barometer Vol. 1: European Car Subscription

    We launched the first edition of our Mobility Barometer during a digital event featuring a panel of European car subscription experts. Read on for a recap of their lessons learned and thoughts on the current state of the industry.