European Mobility Events to Look Out for in 2022

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After almost two years of pandemic-induced and increasingly changed mobility behavior, conference setups and participation routines have changed. However, in-person mobility events are still important to stay in touch, exchange knowledge, and gain insights. We at INVERS are looking forward to participating in some leading European mobility events and conferences.

invers team at move london 2021
INVERS team at MOVE London 2021. Visit us at Europe's Mobility Events in 2023!

Here is our current selection of in-person European mobility events to watch out for in 2022, listed in chronological order.

Autonomy (16./17.03.2022, Paris)

One of the first major events of 2022 will be the Autonomy conference in March. The conference and exhibition organizers have put sustainable mobility at its focus since 2016. Shared mobility is not the only topic discussed there, but the broad spectrum and the strong focus on networking events makes it one of the top events on the calendar of sustainable mobility experts. Besides the typical B2B focus, Autonomy also gives a space for B2G networking.

Languages: English, French

Visit the Autonomy website

Flotte! Der Branchentreff (1./2.06.2022, Düsseldorf)

The event focuses on networking for German-speaking fleet managers and shared mobility providers. Last year, visitors could attend talks, workshops, and roundtable discussions. However, the main draw of the event is getting together in person with German-speaking fleet managers.

Language: German

Visit the Flotte! website

Micromobility Europe (1./2.06.2022, Amsterdam)

Micromobility Europe has put its unique selling proposition right in its title. The focus is clearly on shared and private micromobility solutions such as bikes, scooters, mopeds and other hybrid or experimental vehicle types. Having started its conferences in San Francisco, this year the conference and roadshow returns to Europe for the second time. While the 2019 edition took place in Berlin, the 2022 edition will be in Amsterdam. The event features a strong focus on B2B micromobility.

Language: English

Visit the Micromobility Europe website

MOVE. Mobility Re-Imagined (15./16.06.2022, London)

MOVE offers a conference and an exhibition and is one of the biggest “new mobility” events. It targets OEMs, transport operators, tech companies, energy companies, startups, and policymakers. With 400 senior executive speakers across 33 stages, they describe themself as “the most comprehensive and cross-modal event”. Topics of interest include electric cars, micromobility, autonomous mobility, MaaS, and connectivity and 5G. The broad agenda doesn’t stop there and also features discussions on batteries, future fuels, transit, infrastructure, and safety. It’s a big and broad gathering for those who want to get a high-level view of mobility issues. But be aware: the event takes place in June this year, as opposed to November last year. We plan to be there, so feel free to meet us in London and chat about the newest mobility trends.

Language: English

Visit the Move website

International Mobility Summit (12./13.10.2022, Copenhagen)

The summit is organized by Electronomous, a community platform for mobility and smart city topics. It brings together thought leaders, innovators, investors, and policy makers from mobility, automotive, transport, and smart city ecosystems. The discussions help shape and plan mobility for our future cities, and the agenda features 15 topic tracks, including shared mobility as well as connectivity and data sharing.

Language: English

Visit the International Mobility Summit website

Fleet Europe Summit (16./17.11.2022, Dublin)

This event is one of the key meetups for fleet and corporate mobility managers and stakeholders in the fleet management value chain. In 2022, the event will take place in Dublin. In the past, the summit included a classic conference setup but also offered educational formats (International Fleet Managers Institute & Smart Mobility Institute).

Language: English

Visit the Fleet Europe Summit website

European Mobility Events

The list doesn’t stop here; there are many more European mobility events, conferences, and exhibitions worth a closer look. Those include motorized two-wheeler events such as:

  • EICMA (November 2022)
  • Intermot (October 2022)

Fleet management events such as:

  • Global Fleet Conference (May 2022)
  • Fleet & Mobility Live (October 2022)
  • IAA Mobility (next one in 2023)

We will surely attend some events mentioned above. Whichever event you chose, we are excited to get in touch with you in 2022 – whether live and in person on-site, or digitally through an event-organized virtual channel.

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