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INVERS helps power New York’s first scooter sharing service

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  • Revel Transit launches the first scooter sharing service in Brooklyn to give people a new form of mobility, starting July 30th
  • Scooter sharing, also known as electric moped sharing, is the perfect way to quickly get around the neighbourhood without being stuck in traffic or lengthy searches for parking
  • Revel is a new mobility service enabled by INVERS’ Shared Mobility OS, the market leading technology that powers over half of all shared scooters in Europe and North America

New York, USA, 30.07.2018 – Revel Transit is launching a new form of mobility to the people of New York on July 30th with the city’s first scooter sharing service. Revel’s fully electric scooters, also called mopeds, provide a convenient mode of transportation to make spontaneous trips. They are a fun way to quickly get around the neighborhood without being stuck in traffic or lengthy searches for parking.

“We are excited to give the Brooklyn community a new way to get around. We are confident that we have the best technology in place to provide customers with a consistent, reliable, and fun experience.” – Paul Suhey, co-founder of Revel Transit

To make scooter sharing a viable mobility option for New Yorkers, Revel Transit relies on telematics technology and device management software as part of INVERS’ Shared Mobility OS. It enables an entirely smartphone-based rental process and provides real-time data for Revel to efficiently manage the scooter fleet with maximum uptime.

“We chose INVERS because they have a proven track record in the shared mobility ecosystem, and we wanted to give our members a new mobility service they could rely on,” says Suhey.

“Scooter sharing has exploded in Europe, and we are excited to see the same growth happen in North America. We already power several thousand shared scooters in many parts of the world and are thrilled to power Revel Transit as they bring the first scooter sharing service to New York.” – Alexander Kirn, CEO of INVERS

Find Revel’s electric scooters on the road starting July 30th in Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Greenpoint. To sign up for their service, download the Revel App available on iOS and Android.


About Revel Transit

Revel Transit is an all-electric moped sharing service built to make getting around fast, affordable, and way more fun. To learn more, visit



INVERS is a pioneer in the shared mobility space and the global market leader for mobility technology, powering over 30 million trips a year with Shared Mobility OS. With SaaS and IoT-based products, it has enabled over 250 new mobility services in more than 30 countries, such as carsharing in Dubai, scooter sharing in Berlin, ride pooling in Hamburg, or peer-to-peer carsharing in Paris.

Shared Mobility OS offers operators a modular end-to-end solution to set-up, run, and scale new mobility services. The comprehensive end-to-end solution consists of telematics, device management, booking engine, and even white-label user apps, powering more than half of all shared scooters in Europe and North America.

INVERS is headquartered in Siegen, Germany with offices in Cologne, Germany and Vancouver, Canada. To learn more, visit

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