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INVERS launches new micromobility technology

San Francisco, USA, 31.01.2019 – INVERS today launched InstaFleet, a modular SaaS offering made to run shared mobility services, such as scooter, kick scooter, or moped sharing. With InstaFleet, mobility companies can now easily start a new service or even enrich their existing service offering.

INVERS is the global market leader in shared mobility technology and has enabled over 250 mobility services in more than thirty countries. INVERS has continuously expanded its Shared Mobility OS to serve an increasingly wide array of shared mobility operations. These include carsharing in Dubai, scooter sharing in Madrid, ride pooling in Berlin, and peer-to-peer carsharing in Paris. Shared Mobility OS covers the full technology stack from white-label user app, backend, device management, managed connectivity down to sharing telematics.

Before InstaFleet, mobility companies had a tough decision to make: fully rely on a standard software provider for fast time to market while focusing on the core business, or build the entire technology stack from scratch in order to own and control the intellectual property and development timeline.

Now with InstaFleet, operators can have the best of both worlds. They can take advantage of the feature set of InstaFleet, integrate third-party software, and even build specific modules themselves. This choice can continuously be re-evaluated to reflect their differentiation strategy as the business scales. Operators may start with the full stack solution, gain operational experience, and innovate on top of it, by adding or replacing modules such as user apps, dynamic pricing, loyalty programs and more – thus creating their own IP.

This is only possible with InstaFleet’s product architecture that is fully API-centric and includes seamless integrations with leading third-party SaaS applications. The combination of such integrations with InstaFleet offers access to an ever-evolving feature set which cannot be achieved by any in-house development or legacy applications.

The flexibility of InstaFleet also extends to vehicle choice by allowing operators to take advantage of the growing market of connected and sharing-ready vehicles. InstaFleet is available at launch with ex-factory installed OEM technology and also integrates with INVERS’ own universal aftermarket sharing telematics.

“Since enabling the first micromobility services in 2015, we learned that the most successful shared mobility operators are tech-focused in order to differentiate in an increasingly competitive industry. Our mission is to support operators of all types towards success by providing developer-friendly building blocks that work reliably at scale. Similar to Amazon Web Services, our SaaS and IoT products provide core infrastructure for shared mobility operators to launch and grow quickly and cost efficiently.” – Alexander Kirn, CEO of INVERS

InstaFleet is available starting today.


INVERS is a pioneer in the shared mobility space and the global market leader for mobility technology, powering over 30 million trips and rides a year with Shared Mobility OS. With SaaS and IoT-based products, it has enabled over 250 new mobility services in more than 30 countries, such as carsharing in Dubai, scooter sharing in Berlin, ride pooling in Hamburg, or peer-to-peer carsharing in Paris.

Shared Mobility OS offers operators a modular end-to-end solution to set-up, run, and scale new mobility services. The comprehensive end-to-end solution consists of telematics, device management, booking engine, and even white-label user apps, powering more than half of all shared scooters in Europe and North America.

INVERS is headquartered in Siegen, Germany with offices in Cologne, Germany and Vancouver, Canada.

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