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Market innovation: Invers launches software solution for theft detection in car sharing 

Prevent vehicle theft in car sharing

Fleet Guard, the car sharing tech industry’s first software solution for theft detection, provides operators with an efficient tool to detect theft of or illegal joyrides with their assets in real time. The solution from Invers analyzes comprehensive vehicle data from CloudBoxx, the most reliable car sharing telematics in the market, and identifies patterns of tampering, theft or towing of cars.

Siegen, May 14th, 2024 – Invers today presents Fleet Guard, its new solution for theft and joyride detection in car sharing. Fleet Guard is a software-only product that uses high-quality real-time vehicle data from CloudBoxx, the car sharing telematics unit from Invers already trusted by many car sharing operators.  

The car sharing and rental industry have recently seen a significant increase in vehicle theft and illegal joyriding. In some instances, multiple vehicles were stolen in a single afternoon. Operators have also reported an increase in illegal access and misuse of cars that seems to be rising more sharply in shared vehicles compared to privately owned cars. “Many of our customers tell us that asset protection is one of the primary challenges for fleet operators”, says Alexander Kirn, CEO of Invers. “Building a fleet of attractive, modern cars and preparing them  for sharing is costly,, so operators can’t afford to lose vehicles. Additionally, increased thefts lead to higher insurance premiums.” 

 Fleet Guard accurately and reliably detects suspicious incidents from a continuous stream of vehicle data, monitoring the situation and notifying operators when necessary. It automatically classifies events as either illegal access or towing to avoid false alarms. This classification is crucial for operators to respond appropriately. If a car is stolen, every second counts and t prompt police intervention can prevent dangerous joyrides or total asset loss. The solution, for example, can track stolen cars using accelerometer data that detects unusual impacts and shocks. Combined with contextual information such as positional data, the Invers system can determine whether the car is stolen or being towed. In cases of towing, fleet managers can promptly remove the towed car from their booking system until the car has been recovered from the impound lot. 

With Fleet Guard, operators receive instant warnings for tampering, thefts, and towing to keep assets safe. Fleet managers can conveniently investigate incidents using the Invers UI or access all data via API to automate incident response workflows. Fleet Guard is a software-only product that does not require additional hardware installation like sensors in cars, reducing effort and downtime. It can be activated for any CloudBoxx vehicle instantly. 

About Invers 

Invers enables car sharing operators to launch and operator fleets at scale with integrated hardware and software solutions. As the inventor of automated vehicle sharing, Invers is developing and reliably maintaining the fundamental building blocks to offer its customers cost-efficient and easily implementable technical solutions. 

The company acts as an independent and reliable partner for operators of services such as car sharing, rental and car subscription services with the vision to make the use of shared vehicles more convenient and affordable than ownership. Customers include companies like Free2Move, Miles, Zity, MyWheels, Getaround, Flinkster and Cambio. The company was founded in 1993 and has locations in Siegen, Cologne and Vancouver. The development takes place entirely in Germany. 


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