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INVERS launches operating system for micromobility services

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Siegen, Germany, 20.05.2019 – INVERS, the inventor of automated vehicle sharing, today announced the launch of its Operating System for Micromobility Services. The modular full-stack solution enables mobility providers around the world to set up and scale services such as e-scooter or kick-scooter sharing quickly and reliably – from vehicle telematics to booking apps on end users’ smartphones.

The operating system includes:

  • a telematics solution
  • Fleet Monitoring & Device Management
  • a white label booking app for end customers and the respective operators´ backend

The operating system is available as a full stack solution, but thanks to its open API architecture it can also be combined with telematics or software solutions from vehicle manufacturers or third parties.


The CloudBoxx telematics solution enables automated access to vehicles and makes e-scooters or kick-scooters available 24/7. Depending on the configuration, vehicle data such as state of charge or mileage is recorded during a ride. Scooters equipped with the CloudBoxx can be located within a few meters thanks to precise vehicle localization, which simplifies fleet monitoring for operators. Inertial sensors with acceleration sensors also register whether a vehicle is being moved without authorisation to deter theft and vandalism. The CloudBoxx can be installed on vehicles in just a few simple steps and is ready for use instantly.

Fleet Monitoring

With the device management software FleetControl, mobility service providers have the option of monitoring all vehicle data recorded via the telematics solution. The status of every vehicle can thus be called up by operators in real time, enabling them to identify potential problems, such as vehicle breakdowns, quickly and, in some cases, even resolve them remotely.

White Label User-App & Operator Back-End

With the InstaFleet app and back-end, micromobility service providers can efficiently operate their services and provide an intuitive user experience. The white label app is available for iOS and Android and is fully customizable to the operator’s brand image. The back-end provides operators with a real-time overview of relevant fleet data and rentals. This makes customer management easy to handle.

“Our goal is to enable mobility service operators around the world to set up and scale their services with a comprehensive and reliable technical infrastructure,” says Alexander Kirn, CEO of INVERS. “Our operating system for micromobility services brings us one step closer to this goal, as we meet the needs of service providers who are looking for an all-in-one, worry-free package, as well as those who want to use only individual components of our complete solution. Thanks to our open, API-centric architecture, that is no problem.”

The operating system for micromobility services is part of INVERS’ Shared Mobility OS. Shared Mobility OS is a modular and open full-stack solution for mobility services of all kinds – such as car and scooter sharing, ride pooling and car rental. The overall solution includes all relevant sharing technology components – from vehicle telematics to back-office applications for the operator as well as end user apps. All components meet automotive standards and are designed in Siegen.



INVERS, the inventor of automated vehicle sharing, enables mobility operators to launch, run and scale with the first and market-leading Shared Mobility Operating System. As the first tech company in the shared mobility business globally, INVERS provides the longest proven experience and tech expertise on the market and acts as an independent and reliable partner to operators of shared mobility solutions such as carsharing, scooter sharing, ride pooling and car rental solutions. At the same time, INVERS continuously researches innovative technologies to continue shaping the future of mobility. With the Shared Mobility OS, INVERS provides a modular full-stack solution which enables mobility providers around the world to set up and scale their shared mobility services quickly and reliably – from the white label app on users’ smartphones, through the backend for operators, to vehicle telematics.

INVERS forms the technological core of well-known brands such as Clevershuttle, Coup, Miles, Drivy, Emmy and Flinkster. The company was founded in 1997 and has locations in Siegen, Cologne and Vancouver. The technological development takes place entirely in Germany.

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