INVERS is proud to introduce the next level of shared mobility technology: The new CloudBoxx 4G

Shared mobility is maturing and competition intensifies with more and more new services and vehicle types entering the mobility space. For you to succeed in this dynamic market, innovation and differentiation are key. It is our goal to support you with cutting edge technology. That is why we decided to develop the new CloudBoxx, a major upgrade of the existing version, bringing the latest innovations to the shared mobility market.


Cutting edge mobility technology


INVERS telematics CloudBoxx 4G


The CloudBoxx has been a huge success. Since the initial launch, it has found its way into a wide variety of vehicles and enabled a broad spectrum of mobility services, from free floating carsharing, to peer-to-peer and automated car rental to smart shuttles and scooter sharing. Its proven reliability and flexibility have set the bar for sharing technology. Still, we strive to further improve our products by continuous innovation and leveraging state of the art technology.

As part of INVERS Shared Mobility OS, the new CloudBoxx has been built on top of a proven foundation. It takes advantage of the established CloudBoxx ecosystem with its API, FleetControl and our Setup&Test Apps. It also integrates seamlessly into an existing CloudBoxx setup.

Packed with the latest innovation, the new CloudBoxx is bound to propel your growth and enable you to enter new markets and launch new mobility services.


innovative features

  • Next-generation connectivity: CloudBoxx now features 4G/LTE in addition to the existing 3G/2G/BLE with improved multi-provider network coverage and higher bandwidth for the best user experience ever.
  • Improved vehicle localisation*: with inertial positioning: leveraging multiple sensors and dead reckoning for high definition positioning, even in GPS shadow or underground situations. Providing precise vehicle localisation in any situation.
  • Advanced fleet monitoring*: the 3-Axis-Accelerometer for additional sensing capabilities helps to understand unauthorized or unplanned vehicle movements to prevent theft and increase operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced vehicle integration: faster installation of keyless-go vehicles and the transition to a fully smartphone-based rental process. For a fully automated, fully digital user experience.
  • Going micro: an 11% volume reduction makes the CloudBoxx more versatile to install into an even larger variety of vehicle types and places therein. The improved arrangement of connectors and addition of LEDs for diagnostics make installations even easier.

* available in Q3 2019 via software update


available now

The new CloudBoxx is now available in two versions (Europe and Global).

For more info on how the new CloudBoxx can be applied to your mobility project, get in touch.


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