KEY TAKEAWAY: The County of Ventura leveraged different motor pool technologies to make sure employees at all their locations had transportation options. Without the need for manual key hand-off, the County was given more flexibility in where they could offer motor pool vehicles.

As an organization serving its people, the County of Ventura is responsible for building a safe, healthy, and vibrant community for the 11th most populous county in California. From adopting new policies to keeping employees accountable, the County of Ventura works towards achieving public trust. One way the County is a role model in creating a healthy community is by ensuring their fleet operations are cost-effective and by implementing sustainability efforts.

The Fleet Services team at the County of Ventura understands their role in helping employees fulfill their responsibilities, whether that means getting to meetings or patrolling the streets. Without access to the transportation options they need to do their job, County employees would have difficulties meeting stakeholders, fixing potholes, and delivering other critical services.

In addition to meeting the needs of County employees, Fleet Services continually identifies opportunities to improve their operations. In 2015, the County of Ventura was recognized by NAFA’s Sustainable Fleet Accreditation program for its greening efforts, such as implementing hybrid and electric vehicles and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These efforts and other cost-saving measures also led the County of Ventura to being recognized as the top fleet in 2016’s 100 Best Fleets in the Americas. These accomplishments allowed the County to progress towards their goal of being the world class standard for fleets, while also growing the convenience and accessibility of transportations options offered to County employees.

One area the County of Ventura has developed over the years is their motor pool operations. Fleet Services realized department-assigned vehicles were often being underutilized and there was an opportunity to reduce overall fleet costs while still meeting employees’ fleet needs. By consolidating the department-assigned vehicles into one shared motor pool, thousands of employees now had access to a wide range of vehicles.

Implementing a motor pool program was done using different types of INVERS technologies. With government workers spread across multiple locations in the county, it was important to ensure employees had access to the motor pool regardless of location. At the Central Government Center, self-service KeyManagers were set-up to dispatch keys to the pooled vehicles; at the twelve remote locations, StandAlone systems were installed in vehicles to allow key-less access.

Even though the motor pool runs on different technologies, County employees can reserve and access the vehicles through one reservation system that is available 24/7. This provides employees the convenience of accessing vehicles wherever their work takes them, and they are not restricted to vehicle use during standard business hours. In addition, billing for the trips are automated with the motor pool technology, reducing the amount of administrative work individuals need to complete to use these government services.

These additional benefits align with Fleet Services’ goal of understanding and exceeding the expectations of their customers, the County employees and staff from other municipalities. By making the process simple, convenient, and reliable for those who need and want access to the motor pool, the County of Ventura has helped almost two thousand users adopt to sharing vehicles. In addition, the County has saved thousands of dollars in vehicle maintenance costs, minimized overhead costs such as labour, and reduced the amount of greenhouse gas emitted.

As the County of Ventura continues to identify opportunities to meet sustainability guidelines and be a benchmark of success for other fleets, Fleet Services believes they are on the right track to optimizing their resources.

“Finding ways to partner with our customers, reduce costs and act in a sustainable manner while embracing technology is woven into our culture here at Fleet Services; this is what we do.”

– Stephen Furman, Manager Fleet Services, Transportation / Heavy Equipment, County of Ventura

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Amanda Lam

Amanda is the Marketing Manager at INVERS. Building on her carsharing experience and strategic marketing knowledge, Amanda is responsible for building awareness on the future of mobility.

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