Transform your motor pool into an innovative mobility solution While saving time and money

Benefit from our market-leading technology to optimize your fleet! We can help you optimize your processes with streamlined procedures and deliver first-class, self-service options to your drivers. Our platform offers time and cost reduction potential through usage tracking, automated billing, and data reporting.

Discover our vehicle solution through a motor pool pilot project. With our modern cloud architecture, our INVERS technology can be easily implemented and expanded, allowing you to run your smart motor pool with ease. You can also integrate other fleet management tools with our system to create a comprehensive motor pool solution.


In order to be successful, a motor pool must be simple and easy to use for both fleet managers and drivers. With an INVERS-supported motor pool, our users will have increased access to vehicles and the ability to manage their own reservations.

streamlined process

  1. Users can make a reservation through the browser or INVERS app
  2. Access to the vehicle can be set-up with an employee badge, smart card, or mobile app
  3. Users will drive the vehicle without a second thought that the car is part of an automated motor pool
  4. Once the trip is over, trip details will be logged and trips can be billed to the appropriate user or department

Your new control centerSoftware

Our market-leading carsharing software has been specifically enhanced and optimized for use in automated motor pools. The software offers convenient self-service options for your users as well as automatic and structured workflows for your fleet management, including reporting functions for management. With over 20 years of experience in carsharing, this software lays the foundation for efficient and cost-effective motor pool management.

Powerful Features

  • Web client for users and fleet management
  • Mobile website for reservation and vehicle access via smart phone
  • is web-based and supports different use models:
    • Fixed single vehicle or vehicle class reservation
    • Spontaneous use without prior reservation
    • One-way use and flexible vehicle locations
  • Scalability from small motor pools to fleets with thousands of vehicles
  • Automated workflows for early and late returns
  • Data interfaces to third party systems (e.g. HR and fleet management software)


  • Integrated damage, maintenance and vehicle cleaning management
  • Extensive rights management
  • “Cockpit” and real-time fleet overview
  • Private employee accounts for management and billing of private trips
  • Extensive functions which support even international fleet management, e.g. Multi-language support, currency and time settings
  • Automatic requests for rental cars in times of maximum motor pool utilization
  • Individual reporting options

Reliable HardwareFor automated motor pools

Our technology enables you to offer reliable, highly automated motor pool services to your users. The in-car technology connects with any vehicle through the CAN bus and communicates with our secure server to ensure your motor pool operations can run with ease 24/7.

Depending on the number of vehicles, locations, and proximity, we will provide a customized motor pool solution for you. Our solutions fit a range of fleet needs, from small and decentralized fleets to larger, centralized fleets as well.


Several access options
Vehicle agnostic
Power saving features
Vehicle key deposit
Mileage tracking
Fuel card management
Server communication via GSM, UMTS or SMS
In-car communication


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Service and support solutions We focus on long-term relationships with our customers

Your benefits

  • Join a community of organizations who have optimized their motor pool with INVERS technology. INVERS fosters a support system where organizations share their expertise with new customers and help improve each other’s fleet operations
  • Comprehensive training and supplemental material is provided to ensure your team is equipped with the knowledge and understanding to implement an automated motor pool with your drivers
  • Our teams are always looking for ways to improve our technology, and any upgrades made to our software will be accessible by all of our customers
  • We are here for our customers – 24 hours, 7 days a week with your support questions as they arise

Contact us Multi-language support at our Siegen and Vancouver offices


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