Transform your motor pool into an innovative and ecological mobility solution And save costs and time

Benefit from our market-leading carsharing technology to optimize your vehicle pool! We help you to optimize your processes with streamlined and secure procedures delivering first class self-service options to your customers. As well as complete usage tracking and automated billing, our platform offers time and cost reduction potential for fleet managers.

Discover our pool vehicle solution in a pilot project with a small motor pool: With its modern cloud architecture, our solution can be easily implemented and expanded. With our software and hardware you can run your own motor pool with ease. You also have the option to deploy our solution as a full service installation through our system partners.

Service Oriented

Simplicity and ease to use are necessary conditions for a successful motor pool. With the INVERS motor pool, your service orientation will be brought to a new level. Customers appreciate that cars are available at any time, that they can easily schedule and reserve vehicles and if necessary access and return them 24/7.

Your drivers will be able to use the service with just a few intuitive steps.

User Experience

  1. Reserve the vehicle either via browser, smartphone, call center
    or company internal hotline.
  2. The vehicle can be opened via smart card, employee badge or
    access card, LapID tags (electronic driver’s license monitoring),
    a smartphone or a confirmation code.
  3. Vehicle use and driving work the same way as with your own vehicle.
    During breaks, lock the vehicle with the vehicle key or remote.
  4. You can return the keys and car the same way it was accessed. When
    locking the vehicle the key remains electronically secured inside the vehicle.

Your new control centerSoftware

Our market-leading carsharing software has been specifically enhanced and optimized for use in automated motor pools. The software offers convenient self-service options for your users as well as automatic and structured workflows for your fleet management, including reporting functions for management. With 20 years of experience in carsharing, this software lays the foundation for efficient and cost-effective motor pool management.

Powerful Features

  • Web client for users and fleet management
  • Mobile website for reservation and vehicle access via smart phone
  • is web-based and supports different use models:
    • Fixed single vehicle or vehicle class reservation
    • Spontaneous use without prior reservation
    • One-way use and flexible vehicle locations
  • Scalability from small motor pools to fleets with thousands of vehicles
  • Automated workflows for early and late returns
  • Data interfaces to customer and third party systems, e.g. HR and fleet management software


  • Integrated damage, maintenance and vehicle cleaning management
  • Extensive rights management
  • “Cockpit” and real-time fleet overview
  • Private employee accounts for management and billing of private trips
  • Extensive functions which support even international fleet management, e.g. Multi-language support, currency and time settings
  • Automatic requests for rental cars in times of maximum motor pool utilization
  • Ride-sharing options
  • Individual reporting options

Reliable HardwareFor highly automated motor pools

Our InCar Technology was specifically developed for use in motor pools. The technology enables you to offer reliable, highly automated motor pool services to your users. Depending on the number of vehicles, locations, and proximity, we provide a customized motor pool solution for you.

With small fleets and decentralized locations, we recommend the direct vehicle access option in combination with the keys electronically secured in the vehicle’s glove box. Whereas with a larger motor pool in a central location, the best solution would be our external Key Management system, which is available as either an indoor or outdoor box.

Several access options
Works in almost every vehicle
Intelligent power management
Vehicle key deposit
Optional GPS localization
Fuel card management
Server communication via GSM, UMTS or SMS
Hands-free intercom


The Importance of Fleet Right-sizing

Corporate fleets are essential to many businesses, especially in the public sector. These vehicles owned by the company allow employees to do their job, such as fixing electrical poles or doing field work. However, many times these vehicles are underutilized, which occurs when vehicles are assigned to departments or individuals who only need occasional access. When this situation repeats itself across the company, vehicles spend more time in the parking lot than on the road.

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Carpooling and the Beginning of Shared Mobility

The term shared mobility is new, but the concept is not. All shared mobility involves is “transportation services that are shared among users”¹, which could include carsharing, ridesharing, and even public transportation. Carpooling can be considered part of the shared mobility world as well.

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Service and support solutions We focus on long-term relationships with our customers

Your benefits

  • Consulting, e.g. technological concepts for the efficient motor pool, as well as analysis via partnering companies
  • Training and workshops for your smooth motor pool operations with INVERS technology, project management and development
  • Protection of your investments by continuous R&D of all software components – including regular updates and upgrades with new functionality
  • Software hosting in secure data centers with 24/7 monitoring and emergency support
  • Universal solutions for all vehicle brands and models. INVERS technology is currently installed in more than 150 different models with detailed installation manuals. Continuous updates & documentation of software and interface updates to include new vehicle models.
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO): Robust and reliable technology “Made in Germany
  • Automated setup and test protocol for every vehicle installation. Optional worldwide installation with international service partners or installation training for your own service staff.

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