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Shared Mobility Possibilities

Endless Opportunities

Get connected and start sharing

For smoother operations

Shared mobility takes many different forms and has endless possibilities. The first step is by offering shared cars. Equipping your fleet with telematics will improve your operations by making it easier for your customers to use them. As an operator, this is an opportunity to increase the utilization of the vehicles.
No matter the business model, there is always room to improve your operations with app-based vehicle access. From automated rental to ride pooling to peer-to-peer carsharing, there are tangible benefits to making your vehicles sharing-ready.

shared mobility automated rental

Automated Rental

Speed up the rental process and assign vehicles during the booking process instead of at the counter.

shared mobility ride pooling

Ride Pooling

Reduce downtime between shifts and schedule vehicle cleaning outside of business hours.

shared mobility peer to peer carsharing

Peer-to-Peer Carsharing

Enable hosts to share their vehicle more frequently since they do not to meet the driver in-person.

Drive more value

  • Reduce points of friction between rentals and trips by providing app-based vehicle access. Car keys stay in the car so there is no return process needed.
  • Implement a convenient self-service, contactless process to reduce unnecessary touchpoints.
  • Be more flexible in your business coverage and operating hours since more can be done remotely
  • Build a better workflow internally for your team and externally for your users
25 and more years of experience

World-Class Expertise

Industry leader with over 25 years of experience growing the market

INVERS provides source code modules for booking software


Powerful webhooks and open API for ultimate flexibility and differentiation

INVERS technology is reliable and secure

Proven Reliability

Worldwide service reliability of > 99.9% in 50 countries and 100,000 vehicles

cloudboxx fully enclosed system

Stay Connected

Integrated SIM with multi-network provider for the best connection

accurate positioning of fleet vehicles

Precise Location

Accurate GPS positioning to know exact location of scooters anywhere

Scale your sharing fleet with any vehicle you want

Fully compatible

Freedom to choose any vehicle type including electric and keyless

boost your businesses growth and success with INVERS CloudConnect


Integrate best-of-breed third-party tools to enhance service

INVERS OneAPI is easy to use

Powerful Core

Booking engine handles large number of rentals at once for seamless growth

Your Ecosystem

What do you need? INVERS offers a modular ecosystem of shared mobility technology.


Make your vehicles smart and sharing-ready with our reliable telematics or third-party ones. Integrate seamlessly into our modular ecosystem.

INVERS FleetControl fleet management solution

Fleet management

Get detailed insights and real-time updates on your fleet, including data such as vehicle events, heartbeats, ignition status, fuel levels, and even more.

choose the best booking software with INVERS

Sharing software
& user app

Manage your users and automate daily business via the backend interface. Fully customize the white-label user app to the look & feel of your brand.

Trusted by

INVERS is forward thinking in the tools it provides developers to support them with implementing their powerful API. We were impressed with how clear the INVERS OneAPI was, and the detailed documentation helped us quickly develop commands and test them directly using the INVERS Development Kit.

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Raphaël Korach, Head of Product
getaround (formerly drivy)
drivy peer-to-peer carsharing mobile

Because INVERS has extensive experience in the carsharing industry, we felt comfortable growing our service offering with their technology.

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August Grønli
Nabobil by Getaround
namobil peer-to-peer carsharing mobile

Through our partnership with INVERS, we bring freedom and flexibility to vacations on wheels with our motorhome rentals. We provide 24/7 motorhome pick up and drop off available via mobile phone. This is a unique service in the industry.

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Joscha Stephan, Founder and Director
roadfans automated rental mobile

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