2021’s Top Vehicle Manufacturers for Moped Sharing

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One of the key assets to running a shared mobility business successfully is the vehicle you choose. This paper provides a deeper look as to which moped manufacturers have the largest market share today and which ones to keep an eye out for this year.

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To run a shared mobility business successfully, you need to manage many moving pieces to support both customers and the operational team. This includes the customer app, a fleet management software, battery swapping vehicles and a field app for the internal service staff. In addition, one of the key assets is the sharing vehicle itself. This paper provides a deeper look into which moped manufacturers have the highest market share today, which ones might emerge in future, and the overall competitiveness of the market.

The status quo of vehicle manufacturers in the market

From 2012 to 2019, there was an increasing amount of moped manufacturers supplying vehicles for the market. Unlike in the early years of the industry, 2020 was the first year to bring a consolidation in the number of moped manufacturers active in the market. In August 2020, 28 manufacturers were present (six less than the year before). The top eight companies, as of August 2020, were Honda, NIU, Silence, Kymco, Govecs, Gogoro, Askoll and Vmoto Supersoco. Some of the other players include Torrot, emco, Seat, Yadea, Kumpan and Yamaha.

Globally, 77% of the global moped sharing fleet is electric, due to the strong presence of shared combustion mopeds in India. Meanwhile, 99% of the shared mopeds in Europe are electric, compared to just 20% of all personally-owned mopeds registered in Europe. As a result, moped sharing helps promote electric powered two-wheeler solutions and is accelerating the shift towards electric vehicle adoption. 

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Enrico Howe
Enrico Howe

Enrico is working at INVERS as a market researcher for different new mobility markets. He is the lead author of the annual Global Moped Sharing Market Report and runs mopedsharing.com

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